Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Have So Many Other Things To Do Today!

I have so many things that I need to get done today. Am I doing any of them?


I am happily editing pictures today.

I find that now that I have better editing software and better editing skills I go back and re-edit pictures.



Accra, Ghana 2006

I cannot convey to you what this market smelled like. What any market in Africa smelled like for that matter. A unique melange of spices, rotting fruits and veggies, poultry and meat that had been out in the heat for a bit of time, bodies that have never been introduced to the concept of deodorant, the intense smell of freshly made peanut butter, the ripe hint of sewage. And the smoked fish market in Kumasi!! I had to put those clothes in a plastic bag afterwards they smelled so bad. In fact I can still conjure up that smell in my mind.

It is fun to go through the pictures with a fresh eye. And since I now have that dang iPad and I can display pictures fabulously I want the ones that I import to look tip top. Especially if I am showing them to a perspective client (like tomorrow).

Now back to Ghana.

In the figurative sense of course.

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  1. wow, you didn't even mention that you survived NaBloPoMo or whatever it was. **HIGH FIVE** That may be all I post about today.

    Great pictures!


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