Friday, November 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 140)


Yipee it is Friday!!! And that means blather. You know what to do. Click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the diminishing hygiene of the Occupy Wallstreet Protesters, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else is doing.

Now on to the blather.

Because I am a neat freak and like to have everything “Just So” I have spent WAAAAAAAAY too much time this week fiddling with my itunes.

I blame Shoe Queen.

Because of her influence I have to have artwork attached to all albums, stray songs, audiobooks. That meant that I had to go through everything and make sure. And if not then I had to go out and find the artwork and import it.

And then I decided to fiddle with genres and how I had all my music tagged.

And then there were all the audiobooks on CD that I borrowed from the library this week and spent time loading into itunes. I get more work done if I can have an audiobook going in my ears.

And once the CDs are in itunes then I have to put artwork to them, even though I am going to delete them after listening, and make sure that they are tagged as an audiobook and that they play as one continuous album

Help me.

This week was “Fall cleaning the windows” week.

Not my favorite task.

Did I mention that I have 40+ windows in my house?

I will admit that there are some of them that do not get cleaned every year. I sometimes just ignore the upstairs ones and perhaps the ones in the basement. But all the windows on the first floor must be washed twice a year. As well as washing the sliding glass door and the windows on either side of it and the French door and the windows on either side of that.

I try to do this on a day that isn’t too cold, and isn’t raining and isn’t snowing. And yes there have been years when the snow has been flying as I have been washing windows.

To quote Gollum, “Not very nice at all”

Tuesday was the day this year and it was a reasonable temp and the sun was out.

But I still didn’t enjoy it.

The Eggs and Bacon scarf mentioned yesterday.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It is stinkin’ cute. I managed to get one of the eggs done yesterday as well as a couple more pieces of the bacon. I am so going to have to make this for myself. Even though I am making it with acrylic yarn, which I don’t love, I am still making it.

Twinkie Chan is a genius. Her website is way too busy but she is a genius.

Because I am an idiot and I don’t seem to have enough to do I have decided to participate in NaBloPoMo.

What is NaBloPoMo you are asking yourself…….

National Blog Posting Month.

What that means is that I am going to attempt to post every day in the month of November.

Every. Day.

Even Saturdays and Sundays which I usually take off.

You might just get a picture or something stupid but it will happen every day. And I may occasionally use one of the daily NaBloPoMo prompts to help me along. Because….

You know….

I don’t have ANYTHING else to do around here but blog right?

Hopefully HHBL and I can get the rest of the leaves blown into the woods tomorrow. We have had a relatively dry week here at Chez Knit and the leaves are good for blowing.

And there are still a lot of leaves to blow.

Thank you to whoever invented the leaf blower. We have several varieties of that little instrument. I use the electric version and HHBL has a gas powered. In fact we actually have “his and hers” electric leaf blowers. My Black and Decker as been with me for many years. We are great friends and I use him for many things. I have been known to blow a light coating of snow off the front walk with the leaf blower.

I am so my father.

The NaBloPoMo writing prompt of the day is:

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I use both. I have to say that when I started journaling about 12 years ago I always wrote with a pen. In fact for a number of years I used a fountain pen. I love that thing.

And then I taught myself to type. And so I typed out my journal entry every day, printed it off and stuck it in my journal. Clunky? You bet. But I type faster than I write and I have a lot of words some days.

But now I am back to writing with a pen. I seem to be more consistent that way. But if there is a day when I have to use a lot of words then I just use the computer.

Weren’t you just dying to know this.

Today is my monthly Prayer Breakfast with my buddies Sue, Susie, Lynelle, Gail, Michelle, Kelly, Ann and Lou. Once a month at Bob Evans.

It isn’t like we don’t see each other any other time because we do. We have been good friends for many years. Sue’s daughter is TMO’s best friend. They have been BFFs since the first time they saw each other across a crowded 1st grade room. And if they were best friends then Sue and I had to be as well. We didn’t want to disappoint our daughters so we are.

All of us, plus husbands, meet for a monthly fellowship/bible study. We have been doing this for….15 years. At one time we all attended the same church and many of us had kids in the same schools. We had many points of “commonality” and we all ended up in the same “Flocks” group at church. There were a few years when we didn’t meet but we missed it so we started back up.

Once a month the girls all meet a Bob Evans for breakfast and to share prayer requests, answers to prayer and breakfast. We sit at the same table. We have the same waitress, Roseanne. Many of us order the same things. We could all be old retired men!

About Roseanne. The first year or so that we started meeting we just didn’t know what to make of her. How should I put this? She can be a bit gruff perhaps. And slightly standoffish and abrasive. But that is only until you prove yourself. It took us almost a year of monthly meetings for her to warm up to us. What clinched the deal was that we gave her presents at Christmas time. And we ask her how she is. And how her mother is.

I can honestly tell you, if Roseanne wasn’t there then we would find another place to meet. We absolutely cannot do without her and her ever changing red hair.

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  1. RE: pen vs. typing When I was working on my senior thesis in college, I still wrote all my papers out by hand and then typed them up. Except that my senior thesis was 80.pages.long. And I wrote it out longhand, with all the attendent quotes and end notes and foot notes, etc. And then typed it all up. By the time I got to my master's thesis (all 224 pages) I didn't even bother with a pen. Heck, by that point, I don't think I was even taking long hand notes anymore--I just photocopied the book page I needed, highlighted it, and filed everything in rough order that I needed it. Clunky? Yes. Efficient? Perhaps. Git 'er done? Oh yeah.


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