Monday, November 7, 2011

Now Kathy and Jon Can Fill Them Up.

Oh those family traditions.

I mentioned early in the year that I was furiously working on some of the “Family” Christmas stockings. The ones where there is no actual written pattern because the pattern has long been lost. Grandma Amsler knew the pattern. But by the time I thought about asking her about it the pattern was lost and Grandma was no longer able to tell me what she did. Sigh.

But I have persevered. I have raised my fist to the sky and declared…

I will not be bested by wool and the fear of no pattern. I can knit socks! I can do these!

And as of yesterday afternoon……

The stockings are done.


And I don’t think that I have any more to do this year. Please assure me that I don’t.


They all have a short row heel.


I am pleased over all with them. But Kathy, I have to say that Levi’s turned out a bit different. I just couldn’t figure out why.

Puzzled until my puzzler was sore.

And then I was shown the light. And I dope slapped myself a bit.

I was using my KnitPicks Options needles, those are ones where I can switch the tips around for different sizes. And when I went to disassemble the needles to put them away…..

I found that I had been using a 7….and a 5. I have no idea how that happened and why I didn’t catch it but I didn’t.

Knit in haste and repent (or rip out) at leisure.

It looks fine and we will just tell Levi in the future that I made his EXTRA special.

Cuz I am NOT ripping it out and redoing it.


  1. I fail to see a Jones stocking...Im family....your favorite if I remember correctly....sad face :o( I hope you get my Angry Santa present at Thanksgiving....or whatever the hell its called...

    Heather L. Jones

  2. heck no you're not ripping it apart and starting over, that thing is gorgeous. Those are so beautiful, I can't believe you can do that. I have not a knitting bone in my body, or any sort of crafty DNA whatsoever. These are great.


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