Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 215)


Here we are again, another week older, and deeper in blather. You know the routine. When you are done sifting through my steaming pile of nothingness you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of Lois Learner of the IRS invoking her 5th Amendment rights, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been up to.

A spoon full of blather helps the medicine go down.

I have a fabulous memory when it comes to the pictures that I have taken and those that are resident on my computer.

And for the last few years when I needed a picture that I knew I owned I would search through the different files in the system that I had set up, looking for that particular picture. I wasted a boat load of time.

And then I had a thought….

Why not use the tagging system in Photoshop Elements and just do a better job of tagging photos.

I am slow but I get to where I am going eventually.

But NOW I have to tag photos. Lots and lots and lots of photos. However, I am using that gigantic task as a way to go back through and cull out photos that I don’t want to keep.

It’s always something

I am having a “beef” with the county dog warden. I understand that my dog needs a “tag” from the county. The privilege of having a dog in these parts is $12/year. The new tag needs to be purchased by January of the year that you are in.

But they do not send a reminder or any paperwork that you can send in by mail and get your tag. If they did that then I would remember. In January I have trouble remembering that it is a new year let alone that I have to buy a tag for the dog. I am a 53 year old post menopausal woman for the love of PETE! I barely remember where my keys or my ever expanding bahookie are.

No, they just wait until we have all forgotten, call to remind us and THEN tell us that the fee is now DOUBLED to $24. Plus we cannot renew by mail or on lineso I have to drive 20 minutes to get a tag.

And I continue to forget.

And so they have reminded me again and given me til 6/4 to get the tag and call in the number or they will kindly give me a “citation”, which will cost even more money.

HEY PORTAGE DOG WARDEN! If you did this ON LINE or by MAIL then we would all remember.

Or perhaps you just want to soak me for double the price.

I am late posting my Quick Takes this morning because  LaurenLeap and I spent 3 hours in the garden this morning….

In the heat…….

And I am toasted in most of the ways that it is possible, but not the alcoholic way.

I did remember to wear my big brimmed hat, but forgot to put on sunscreen. But I really don’t seem to have gotten sunburned which is good.

That three hours was almost completely taken up with putting black landscape cloth down in the paths between the beds to keep down the weeds that have the unmitigated gall to try and grow in our sacred gardening ground.

2013-05-31 08.56.59

It was a tad breezy this morning and at one point I felt like I was in the middle of a Christo and Jeanne Claude installation.

You can tell how busy I am……

I haven’t had time to pick up my pointy sticks and knit since…..Monday.

Nary a knit or purl stitch.

I am getting jittery.

But if I have time today I will work a bit on this……
2013-05-22 17.34.47

My latest Mother of the Bride wrap, cotton because the wedding is in August and even though I am VERY attached to my lace, NO ONE wants to wear alpaca in August.

I suspect that the alpaca don’t even want to wear alpaca in August.

It is almost strawberry picking season!! And we are just about out of frozen strawberries!!!

PLUS yesterday I used the last package of frozen peaches in a less than stellar mixed fruit crumble. Peaches, blueberries, apples and the last of the frozen rhubarb from last year. It is very tasty to be sure but…….

Less than stellar because I didn’t add enough flour to it and so it is a tad bit runny (an understatement). Sometimes I just cook without a recipe and most of the time it works out but…..

Not this time.

Oh it is still tasty to be sure, just a bit runny.

And speaking of fruit as we were. We are still going strong on the blueberries that I picked last year. I may have to ramp up the consumption to make room for the new crop that will be showing up end of June or so.


Obviously I have been scanning photographs again.

Can we just say…..


And there are so many more to come. I just don’t even know where to start, there are just so many that I can use to humiliate myself.

Thank goodness I can laugh at myself.

2013-05-28 10.59.22-1

Our town had the unmitigated audacity to put a Dunkin’ Donuts a measly 10 minute drive my Chez Knit.

I am doomed.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 120–The Editing Never Ends

C-G Hinkley Lake 2_sm_WM

I am firmly in the camp that it is always better, when having shot a wedding, to put all the pictures onto your computer and then wait at least 7-10 days before even looking at them.

I am liking what I am seeing.

Of course, my eyes may fall out and my head explode before I am all done with them. I am a slow and methodical, dare I say obsessive, editor.

And I haven’t even CRACKED the file of photos that Erica took.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 119–Trust in Me

Day 119 - Trust in Me

First of all, tell me what movie the title of this post came from.

I was walking down the driveway this afternoon, schlepping two bags of garbage to the can waiting at the curb, trying to get them there before the garbage man came down the street (he still hasn’t arrived by the way), when I was viciously attacked by this snake.


You don’t believe me?

Ok, FINE! I was carrying the bags down the driveway, minding my own business when I noticed the snake sort of half on and half off of the driveway. At first I thought that it might be dead since it didn’t move as I approached. But when I leaned down to check….

He moved his head to look at me.

I shrieked! Then looked around to make sure that they neighbors hadn’t heard my cry of terror.

He weaved his head back and forth.

I put down the bags of garbage, told the snake to stay there and walked back to the house to get Big Bertha.

I came back but the snake obviously didn’t want to do what I told him. He was making a break for it at a very slow pace. Slow enough that I was able to take eight or so pictures before he had had enough and told me to go away.


This is a picture I am definitely going to have to play with some more.

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

DAQ and VanCampen_edited-1

I would have been SO much cooler if it hadn’t been for the fact that my fly is open.

And lets be honest. I ALWAYS looked just a little bit frazzled when compared to the Van Campen girls.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

As a change of pace this year HHBL and I went to the Memorial Parade in the next town over. We heard through the grapevine (OK the mayor is a friend of HHBL’s) that it was an excellent parade. And indeed it was.


We started with a cookie from the local lemonade stand. This was a school project for these kids. They had to write a business plan, get a “loan”, get all the pertinent permits, decide the charity that the money they earned would be donated to. We had to buy something from them.

Saluting the Flag 2Saluting the FlagHudson Memorial 6Thank you vetrans

Of course we started with a salute to the flag. The local high school marching band stopped by the pavilion down the street and played the National Anthem and people sang…quietly.

Then it was on to the parade! How about I just show you what I saw without too much commentary.

Balancing 3BubblesDoggie adoptionHer MajestyHudson Memorial 1_BWHudson Memorial 3Hudson Memorial 4Hudson TowersMarching Along_BWPuppy LoveToo Cool for my shadesTumblers 1

The only downside was that the weather was cloudy and on the cool side. The upside was that I ate a chocolate chip cookie AND a Red Velvet cupcake.

Hudson puts on a pretty darn good Memorial Day parade.

Day 118–America’s Game

Day 118 - America's Game

Yesterday was a beautiful, if chilly, day for baseball. Especially as they won the game.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 117–Frost 1:Tomato 0

Day 117 - Frost 1 - Tomato 0

Let me start out by saying that this is NOT a tomato plant that resides in the garden that LaurenLeap and I tend. No, this sorry specimen resides, or should I say resided in the garden plot across the grass covered aisle from us.

We had a Frost/Freeze warning last night. LaurenLeap went out and covered everything late in the day and I went out this morning and uncovered again. We lost three plants that we weren’t all that sure about anyways so no big loss for us. But we took the time to cover our plants, as did others in the garden. Maybe the plot owner just didn’t hear about the warning and didn’t know to cover the plants? If so, it is going to be a big wrench when they go out to their plot and see a frost wasteland.

Also, LaurenLeap and I know that even thought you really, really want to plant tomatoes in May…… you do not.

This is the reason why.

We live in Zone 5. Zone 5 gets frost occasionally even in late May. Not often but occasionally.

And what is really, really sad. This isn’t the only tomato plant that the plot owner lost. He/she lost ALL of them, 18+ of them, because they didn’t get out there and take a few minutes and cover them up.

Tomato sadness.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 116- Shorn of Dignity

Day 116 - Shorn

Oh my poor puppy. He finally allowed me to take a full picture of him in all his shorn glory.

Without all his hair he almost looks like he has more than his fair share of poodle if truth be told. I may have to rethink what his antecedents might have been.

7 Quick Takes (Vol 214)


Greetings from the Frozen Northeast Ohio. A place where we can have snow showers on Mother’s Day and a heat wave all in the space of a weeks time.

You know the Friday routine. When you are done pulling on your drone protection covering of blather here you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, faster than the IRS investigation of Tea Party groups, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing.

Blather beyond all reason and sanity!

Let’s start with a 365 Project update shall we.

Obviously I have been unable to get the whole “one picture a day” thing down with any regularity. I found that for me, even though I shoot photographs every day, the thought that I “had to find a photo for the project” was stifling creativity. And I am also trying to slow down and think about what I am photographing rather than using the “spray and pray” method. Think in film, shoot in digital is my mantra these days. I am OK with the whole slower pace thing. Let’s think of it as a 365 PHOTOS project rather than a 365 DAYS of photos project.

Are we good?

Ah The Frozen Northeast Ohio, a place where I can use both the air conditioning AND the furnace all in a three day time frame.

We had about 5 days of mid 80’s weather. I held out for not putting the A/C on but by Wednesday HHBL and I really needed a good night’s sleep and we just were not getting it. The whole house fan does a fab job of cooling the house down….if the outside temp gets cool and the humidity isn’t in the stratosphere.

So I turned the A/C on Wednesday.

And I turned it off yesterday.

And this morning, when I arose and found that the outside temp was a blistering 43F and the inside temp was in the mid 60’s……..

I turned the furnace on.

Oh, and the temps are supposed to be back in the 80’s next week.

I love where I live.

And in light of #2…..

I WAS planning on finishing the planting of my last two flats of begonias today.

But I think I will hold off on that. It is windy. It is gloomy. It is cold. That just doesn’t make for very happy annuals planting.

My consumption of annuals had greatly lessened over the years. When we first lived here at Chez Knit I would plant flats and flats of annuals.

And I spent a lot of time planting perennials as well. Obviously I have an obsession a love for hosta that I have indulged. Really, hosta are the most satisfying perennial. You can start with just a few pots of different varieties and if you are patient in a few years you will have more than you know what to do with.


We will (munch munch)GLADLY help you with your hosta dilemma. Call us ANY TIME.

Now I do not buy perennials. I am happy with what I have. But I do still need some annuals and this year it is begonias.

But not today.

The “For Sale” sign and the front door lock box are finally gone from Chez Knit. Until that moment it really didn’t feel like my house again. Now it does.

It is bitter sweet.

The Lord obviously intends for us to stay here for a bit longer and I can deal with that. I may still grumble when I have to clean this place but I counter that with the thought that I can see Shoe Queen come down the front hall stairs in her wedding dress.


And as soon as the wedding is finished I am going to do another clean out round of the basement. This will be round #3 and I know that there are things in boxes that I haven’t missed in the 4 year, twice on the housing market saga that we have gone through. If I haven’t missed those items in that period of time then I can say with some certainty that I don’t need to keep them.

That does not apply to family letters etc but that particular category is really very small.

2013-05-22 14.26.57

On Instagram this week I posted this picture of my “last” sock washing day until Fall.

Pride goeth before a fall.

I am wearing hand knit socks today. I may wear some tomorrow too.

That means that the above picture will not be the “last” sock washing day before Fall.

I had a revelation this week.

We were out of granola so I mixed up another batch.

And when I was putting all the ingredients together I realized that I had forgotten to buy more sliced almonds. I had a few in the freezer but not enough. So I rummaged around and found half a package of chopped pecans and threw those in.

When I had a bowl of granola that contained small pieces of chopped pecans……….

The. Angels. Sang.

I will, from this time forward, be making granola with sliced almonds AND pecan pieces.

End of story.

The humming birds are back!!! I have seen both males and females at the feeders.

But I haven’t heard any cicadas yet.

I really want cicadas.

Where is my brood of cicadas???

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Greater Garlic Internet Lied to Me

The other day, Tuesday to be exact, LaurenLeap handed me a small burlap bag with a number of heads of garlic contained therein. It was the remainder of the garlic that she had ordered to plant in the garden.

She asked me how I stored my garlic and I told her - in an old piece of pantyhose, knotted at one end and hanging in the pantry where it is nice and cool and dry. No problems. She commented that this particular garlic that she was kindly handing me stunk too strongly too do that.

At first I didn’t believe her.

But she was very right. By the time I drove home from the garden Coco smelled like she had been sitting in the middle of a field of garlic.


Well THIS stuff certainly wasn’t going to be sitting in the pantry for very long. An hour might have been more than I could take.

But what to do with all that garlic? You know I hate to waste anything if I can help it.

Well anything other than liver which should be immediately disposed of in a biohazard bag.

But I digress.

First things first was to figure out how to peel all those cloves of garlic without having my hands smell permanently pungent.

Despite the sheer beauty of this method that Saveur assured me would be foolproof…….

It did not work.

And believe me I tried. But it might have been because I don’t actually own two large metal bowls. Oh I own bowls alright. Lots of them. But they are almost all ceramic mixing bowls of very ancient age, not metal ones. I had the brilliant idea of getting out my metal roasting pan and lid and doing it that way.

Not so good.

All I succeeded in doing was making a great deal of garlic skin chaff that floated around the kitchen for a bit and made me sneeze.

Garlic 2

There they sat, still in their skins, mocking me with their little garlicky voices.

SO I did what I normally do. I laid those cloves out on the cutting board and gave them a good whack with the bottom of the metal bowl. They gave up their skins pretty darn quick after that.

But then the issue was what to DO with the cloves now that I had them. Peeled cloves of garlic will last for a bit in the refrigerator but not forever. Do not be fooled if you buy your garlic in vast quantities from CostCo and it lasts forever in the frig.

They treat it with something so that it will last beyond the Zombie Apocalypse.

It is also not good to store garlic in oil either on your counter or in the frig. Not unless you want a really nice case of botulism.

What to do. What to do.

The INTERNET! The internet told me that if I chopped the garlic in my food processor and then added a literal boat load of olive oil and then put all of it into the freezer that it wouldn’t freeze solid. The internet assured me that olive oil doesn’t freeze solid and that when I needed a bit of that garlic I could scoop it out of the container and cook with it.


The internet had the audacity to lie to me! I can tell you that the container of garlic and oil that I pulled out of the freezer this afternoon is a solid block of garlic and oil. There will be no scooping involved unless I use a jackhammer.

So I am just going to thaw the whole thing and somehow figure out how to freeze it in small portions that can be pulled out and used.

I still cannot believe that the internet lied to me!

The internet NEVER lies.

Did you know that Elvis is living in NYC! The internet told me so and I obviously believe EVERYTHING that the internet tells me.

Day 115–Circles

Day 115 - Circles_edited-1

HHBL and I spent several days last week in Nashville. I was fascinated by the abundance of iron railings that defined each of the balconies on all of the rooms.

My circles don’t line up quite as I wanted them but I can live with it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Last of the Pansies

The Last of the Pansies

Pansies are such a happy flower. And they have a fragrance that I love. They scream “SPRING” to me almost as much as snow showers in May.

But they do not last for very long. Warm/hot weather makes them go all leggy and insolent like a teenager and then you need to rip them out by their little roots and show them whose boss.

Today was that day.

But before I consigned them all to the compost bin I cut one last glass full of flowers. They won’t last all that long but whenever I look at them I will be reminded of Grandpa.


Day 114–Shrooms

Day 114 - Shrooms

These little beauties were popping their heads up in the middle of a bed of spinach at the garden.

They are no longer in the garden as I ruthlessly ripped them out and discarded them. But of course I took a number of pictures of them before I visited shroomaggedon on them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Raging Hot Radish Batman!

Today we had produce from the garden.

In May.

Joy of joys and a big hallelujah!

Now, it isn’t all that much produce so don’t get yourself too excited. It is May after all and it is the Frozen Northeast Ohio and we did have snow flurries on Mother’s Day I am told. I wasn’t here to witness it thankfully but Knit Sib Larissa kindly put a picture up on Facebook for all to see.

LaurenLeap and I were in the garden for three hours today just diggin’ in the dirt and pullin’ the weeds and generally getting our gardening mojo on. We did manage to dig up some self sprouting potatoes and get them into one of the potato pots that I made (more on that in another post) and LaurenLeap spent time thinning the beets. Or she was SUPPOSED to be thinning but I suspect that what she was really doing was gently pulling up the seedling and transplanting them. Oh it felt good to be in the garden. I will admit that come October in my gardening year I am ready to be done. I am ready to put the garden to rest, to close the garden gate and go read a book. That feeling lasts until around February I would say and then I start to dream about the garden. And the produce.

Then comes April when LaurenLeap and I look at each other and think, “You know, we COULD get out there and plant something like spinach and lettuce. It isn’t THAT cold.”

But really it IS too cold. Unless you are Scott, one of our gardening buddies, who has a small cold frame.

We want one. Badly.

We do get out there by the end of April and plant spinach and lettuce and beets. By the middle of May we have broccoli in the ground and we are desperately wondering when we can plant tomatoes…..and Brussels sprouts….and beans. Today, as we were working, up walked one of the new garden plotters by the name of Jim. He handed us plants he wasn’t using. He THOUGHT they were the rest of his Acorn squash but he had lost the name tag somewhere along the walk from his plot to ours. They might be Butternut but he is pretty sure they are Acorn and did we want them?

Ummmmmmmmm, Is the Pope Argentinian? YES!

Those went in the ground today as well.

And when we were almost finished I noticed that there were actually some radishes that were large enough for just one mouthful. There were two of them. Now how nice is that! Two of them and two of us.

2013-05-21 10.32.22

Can I just give a hearty YUM! LaurenLeap ate hers and thought there wasn’t much flavor to it…..and then the heat kicked in. WATER!

Radish sandwiches are in my future.

And when I walked back to Coco and drove home I was the proud possessor of spinach for our salads tonight AND enough Rhubarb to make a dozen muffins.

Joy of joys I love gardening.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the half sack of garlic that LaurenLeap gave me. I think I am going to finely chop it, put it in oil and freeze it. You should NEVER store garlic in oil at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Unless you are looking to get a really great case of Botulism.

Just your PSA for the day. You can thank me later.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 113–Oh Alpha How Could You!


While HHBL and I were on our travels, Max the Magnificent spent some time with his doggie friends and had……

His yearly scalping hair cut.

I have been trying to get a really good shot so that you can see he looks like a completely different, and very skinny, dog. But he is shy and altogether embarrassed about his hairless situation.

Even at the best of times it is a challenge to get him to hold still for just the right pose.

But I love a challenge.

Still Getting Caught Up

Did you miss me?

Did you even realize that I was gone?

I am still catching up with life. It has been a crazy two weeks. There was a wedding shower. And then there was a graduation. And a graduation party. Plus a trip to Nashville where I had the privilege of doing some photography for Cleveland Leadership, who were having their end of the year retreat at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Plus there was a day hanging out with a college roomie. We had lunch. We had Starbucks. We went to TWO yarn stores (I might have bought several skeins of Madelinetosh Lace. Shhhhhhh, don’t tell). We knit. We all had dinner together. And then I capped off the week with photographing a wedding on Saturday.

And just as an aside….Holy Schlamoly Andy, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel is H.U.G.E! I did a couple of personal photo walks and I didn’t see but a small portion of it. And then I had to get me a Coke (that last is for Stacy).

I don’t know if I am coming or going. And I have to say that without the fabulous help of Knit Sib Erica, Photographer Extraordinaire, I would never have made it through Saturday. We worked for 14 HOURS. We burned out multiple batteries in our flash units. We downed a lot of Coke. We bossed around recalcitrant groomsmen. We wrangled an 8 year old ring bearer who was having an “emotional moment”, his words not mine. Between the two of us we took…..

Are you ready for it…….

2400 pictures.

That’s a lot of pictures. And I have to go through all of them and edit them and throw out all the ones that don’t make the grade. And then edit some more and then some more. Not that I am a perfectionist or anything. But that will not even start to happen until the end of the week. My policy (if I can make myself stick to it) is to download all the wedding photos into their proper folder and then let them sit there, undisturbed for a week or longer. And then come at them with fresh eyes. Do you know how HARD that is for me to do!!! But I have found that it just helps to not look at them for a time. It was advice that another wedding photographer gave me several years ago and it has worked well for me. And besides, I have been so busy that I haven’t even had the time to go through all the photos that I took in Tucson and that was MARCH! And I don’t even think I have told you about that trip, not that we did anything amazing, but it was just a very relaxing and quiet time which was very nice. Well nice…except…..I stepped in a doggie “present” that Xena Princess Warrior left me to tell me how glad she was to have me visiting. She kindly laid it right in the middle of the oriental rug runner in the front hallway. First thing in the morning, when I haven’t had any coffee, it is really hard to see something like that. AND I had flip flops on so I wasn’t right away aware of it…so I tracked that present into the kitchen with me.

Fun times.

Oh about that paragraph above where I don’t look at any of the wedding photos for a least a week?

C-G Hinkley Lake 1_bw_WatermarkA

I peeked…..just a little bit. But I won’t do it again, I promise, until the weekend. Maybe. I really do need a “365 Project” photo for today……..

Besides I have too many other photographs to edit and show you. Where will I find the time?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

28 Years And Going Strong

image_17_5_2008(rev 0)

28 years ago today I married this guy. And despite some ups and downs in those first few years……


We are still going strong. Who wouldn’t love a guy who understands my need to take pictures like this!

Chaho-Gerycz recep 1sm

And he is especially understanding about the fact that I am going to spend our anniversary photographing the wedding of these crazy kids!

I love you HHBL. You are my little Butthead.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 112 - The Last One Has Matriculated

Yes, this is what we did this weekend. Watched Shoe Queen graduate from the college of her choice.

And it is hard to believe.....


She is the last one. No more progeny in college. No more college bills...sort of.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 111-Memories

Today is actually a specific picture for a specific person.

Hey Nan guess what I drove past this morning!!! It made me want to get out of the car and walk around the circle in endless, counter clockwise revolutions as night is falling.

As a bit of explanation, this house is where my friend Nan grew up, she of the Double Fudge Pop Tarts and worm dislike. When I was growing up I spent a lot of time at this house. It is two blocks from where the Parental Units still live. And of an evening when I was growing up there was a group of us (Hi Jodi! Hi Julie!) that would walk around and around and around the circle of an evening and talk, as Ji Hi girls do.

I feel so nostalgic.

And it is raining so it smells like worms out there.


7 Quick Takes (Vol 213)

Well here we are again, gathered around the Friday table for a hearty meal of blather. You know the legislation. When you are done with you blather inoculation you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my ever expanding bahookie (see #1) over to Conversion Diary.

Righteous Blather!



This is what I had for breakfast yesterday. I was a bad girl. But Oh how I love Cinnabon. I usually avoid that place of sugar sin. However, they have kindly developed this nifty little cup which holds the cut up centers of Cinnabon rolls all covered with gooey stuff and convenient to eat with a fork.




Saw the first humming bird of the season this week. He didn't stay long, just zipped in and zipped out. I will be honest and say that I filled up the feeders initially with liquid food that I had bought at the end of last season. It had been in the frig for a bit but it was all that I had available. I have since bought fresh food and refilled.

Come on little Hummers!


Last week I mentioned that we had seen the first batch of goslings at the lake. If you look you will see five little fluffy balls of waddling goosehood. This picture was taken on May 2nd I think.

Now look at a picture I took on Tuesday of this week of the same family of geese....

Do you see something missing? Or should I say someone? There is only one gosling rather than five. I know you are thinking that maybe the other goslings have just wandered off a bit. But goslings at this age don't wander and even if they were so inclined, mommy and daddy wouldn't allow it.

Nope. In the space of a week I would guess that the resident Bald Eagles have been feasting on juicy, tender gosling.

For some reason I feel like singing a rousing chorus of "The Circle of Life".



Now that Chez Knit is off the market I am thinking about pulling out the boxes that are packed up in the basement and going through all of them again for another round of clean out. I did this the last time we took the house off the market, eliminating about half of the boxes.

It is time for another round.

For the most part I haven't missed whatever is stored in the boxes and that tells me that I can live without the contents. I would guess that I will be selling more things online. Or donating.

Just so long as things get cleaned out and decreased I am happy. My ultimate goal would really be to have only things that we actually use.

Wouldn't that be excellent.



I tell you, my iPhone can take crazy good pictures at times. I wouldn't have been able to get this photo with my point and shoot camera. When I was still using a point and shoot that is.

In fact I just sold my little, and fairly ancient, point and shoot camera on Amazon for a mere fraction of what I paid for it. It has been languishing at home for a year, never being used, since I got my iPhone. It was time.



Now is probably the time to tell you that I am taking a week blogging break next week. I have a crazy week scheduled, seeing old friends, Friday evening and all day Saturday photographing a wedding, family stuff. Something has to give.

Please don't leave me.

I wouldn't know what to do without you.

I will try to maintain the 365 photos project though. Actually I should say that that is going to turn into an 18 month project but it gets done as it gets done.

I will be back to full blogging on the 20th with lots of pithy blather I am sure.

And there might be photos.



Lets end the week with another family photo shall we. It my continuing effort to be totally open with all of you. I believe this was during my "Wash my hair? Why should I wash my hair?" phase. Why wash my hair when I can wear a bandana for a week at a time.

And I am not even going to go down the road of talking about Pilot Man's plaid pants.