Monday, August 8, 2016

Yeah, Yeah, I Know

Do you still remember me? I am not sure that I even remember me after the month that we had. July, it is a blur for so many reasons. It is already going on the second week in August, I am well into my Olympic watching obsession and I am still dwelling on July because....

She just about beat us to death.

We started out the month with a boat load of fun.... 
Another of these children that I have known since they were knee high getting married. They need to stop it right now because I am beginning to feel my age. They cannot be old enough to get married.

Stop it, just stop it.

The excellent part about the whole thing was getting to spend time with these people,
Even though some of them forced me to play Corn Hole. Do you know how much I suck at Corn Hole? Oh yes, there was much laughter going on and it wasn't because I was doing a stand up comedy routine. It was because I kept throwing that stupid little bag, not forward and towards the hole, but up and out into space.

I am still scarred by the experience.

Then there was another wedding of these children that I have known since they were knew high to a grasshopper.
Heidi married Daniel. It was such a happy day and Heidi was such a beautiful bride and Daniel, who was a classmate of Shoe Queen, was smiling from ear to ear and I did 14K steps in 4 hours.

And then I went home and died.

 Plus, in the month of July HHBL and I went to Blossom Music Center three times. THREE. 
There was the concert on July 3rd with 14,000 of our closest friends. And I do mean close. There was literally no place to walk and every square inch of lawn space was covered with someone. If it looked green and grasslike someone came and put a blanket or a lawn chair or just a butt on it. The number of people who got up to go to the bathroom and then couldn't find their way back to their spot, wandering aimlessly and looking for some landmark to lead them to the promised land, was significant. HHBL and I like to get there early and leave a little early. That means we get a good spot on the lawn and we miss the hordes on the leaving end.

You don't need to see other pictures of the other times at Blossom. Such as, couple that set up their air mattress and proceeded to lay down for the whole concert. We hoped they would keep it "family friendly" when the sun went down. Plus there was the concert where the heavens opened up before the concert started and HHBL and I decided that it might not be a really good idea to be under the really big tree with our umbrellas open while there was a lightening warning. We try not to be stupid if we can help it. Just know that we went three weekends in a row.

Then there was all of the baseball that happened in July.
HHBL and I might have gone to an Indians game with one of my KnitSibs and her hubby. The tickets were primo even though the Indians were not. And against the hated Yankees too. Sigh.
It was a very hot evening as evidenced by the preponderance of dome sweat exhibited by the guy sitting in front of me. Someone get that man a towel! And it was too good of a picture NOT to put on Instagram.
And then there is this, HHBL's baseball pants after every game. Being the catcher means never having clean pants at the end of the game. Can you say, "Take these out and hit them with the jet nozzle on the hose before soaking them for a good long time." By the way, HHBL plays in two different leagues which means that I get to wash these pants twice a week. But, he hit a Grand Slam home run on Saturday so I will gladly wash these pants as often as needed. Boom.

And as if all of this hasn't been enough then there might have been some photography going on. I had fun photographing at one of the local Cleveland Habitat sites and at Cleveland Industrial Training Center.

And then there is also the REAL job, where I have been asked to pick up some new skills. Photoshop! InDesign!

And just to get the month of July off to a rip roaring start, massive fraud was discovered at a company where HHBL sits on the Board. How the CEO managed to keep anyone from finding out is unbelievable. That news, which arrived in HHBL's ear on July 3rd, necessitated many hours on the phone and in the car driving down to Columbus and dealing with things and helping that company to stay afloat and find an new CEO (the old one having been the perpetrator of the fraud, think Bernie Madoff kind of stuff). We still look at each other daily and think, "How the heck did he keep it a secret for so long?!?"

All in all, I would say that July just about beat us senseless and we were very glad to see the back of her. Besides the fact that it was just damn hot all month.

Have I told you how much I hate hot weather?