Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 214)


Greetings from the Frozen Northeast Ohio. A place where we can have snow showers on Mother’s Day and a heat wave all in the space of a weeks time.

You know the Friday routine. When you are done pulling on your drone protection covering of blather here you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, faster than the IRS investigation of Tea Party groups, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing.

Blather beyond all reason and sanity!

Let’s start with a 365 Project update shall we.

Obviously I have been unable to get the whole “one picture a day” thing down with any regularity. I found that for me, even though I shoot photographs every day, the thought that I “had to find a photo for the project” was stifling creativity. And I am also trying to slow down and think about what I am photographing rather than using the “spray and pray” method. Think in film, shoot in digital is my mantra these days. I am OK with the whole slower pace thing. Let’s think of it as a 365 PHOTOS project rather than a 365 DAYS of photos project.

Are we good?

Ah The Frozen Northeast Ohio, a place where I can use both the air conditioning AND the furnace all in a three day time frame.

We had about 5 days of mid 80’s weather. I held out for not putting the A/C on but by Wednesday HHBL and I really needed a good night’s sleep and we just were not getting it. The whole house fan does a fab job of cooling the house down….if the outside temp gets cool and the humidity isn’t in the stratosphere.

So I turned the A/C on Wednesday.

And I turned it off yesterday.

And this morning, when I arose and found that the outside temp was a blistering 43F and the inside temp was in the mid 60’s……..

I turned the furnace on.

Oh, and the temps are supposed to be back in the 80’s next week.

I love where I live.

And in light of #2…..

I WAS planning on finishing the planting of my last two flats of begonias today.

But I think I will hold off on that. It is windy. It is gloomy. It is cold. That just doesn’t make for very happy annuals planting.

My consumption of annuals had greatly lessened over the years. When we first lived here at Chez Knit I would plant flats and flats of annuals.

And I spent a lot of time planting perennials as well. Obviously I have an obsession a love for hosta that I have indulged. Really, hosta are the most satisfying perennial. You can start with just a few pots of different varieties and if you are patient in a few years you will have more than you know what to do with.


We will (munch munch)GLADLY help you with your hosta dilemma. Call us ANY TIME.

Now I do not buy perennials. I am happy with what I have. But I do still need some annuals and this year it is begonias.

But not today.

The “For Sale” sign and the front door lock box are finally gone from Chez Knit. Until that moment it really didn’t feel like my house again. Now it does.

It is bitter sweet.

The Lord obviously intends for us to stay here for a bit longer and I can deal with that. I may still grumble when I have to clean this place but I counter that with the thought that I can see Shoe Queen come down the front hall stairs in her wedding dress.


And as soon as the wedding is finished I am going to do another clean out round of the basement. This will be round #3 and I know that there are things in boxes that I haven’t missed in the 4 year, twice on the housing market saga that we have gone through. If I haven’t missed those items in that period of time then I can say with some certainty that I don’t need to keep them.

That does not apply to family letters etc but that particular category is really very small.

2013-05-22 14.26.57

On Instagram this week I posted this picture of my “last” sock washing day until Fall.

Pride goeth before a fall.

I am wearing hand knit socks today. I may wear some tomorrow too.

That means that the above picture will not be the “last” sock washing day before Fall.

I had a revelation this week.

We were out of granola so I mixed up another batch.

And when I was putting all the ingredients together I realized that I had forgotten to buy more sliced almonds. I had a few in the freezer but not enough. So I rummaged around and found half a package of chopped pecans and threw those in.

When I had a bowl of granola that contained small pieces of chopped pecans……….

The. Angels. Sang.

I will, from this time forward, be making granola with sliced almonds AND pecan pieces.

End of story.

The humming birds are back!!! I have seen both males and females at the feeders.

But I haven’t heard any cicadas yet.

I really want cicadas.

Where is my brood of cicadas???

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