Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 215)


Here we are again, another week older, and deeper in blather. You know the routine. When you are done sifting through my steaming pile of nothingness you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of Lois Learner of the IRS invoking her 5th Amendment rights, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been up to.

A spoon full of blather helps the medicine go down.

I have a fabulous memory when it comes to the pictures that I have taken and those that are resident on my computer.

And for the last few years when I needed a picture that I knew I owned I would search through the different files in the system that I had set up, looking for that particular picture. I wasted a boat load of time.

And then I had a thought….

Why not use the tagging system in Photoshop Elements and just do a better job of tagging photos.

I am slow but I get to where I am going eventually.

But NOW I have to tag photos. Lots and lots and lots of photos. However, I am using that gigantic task as a way to go back through and cull out photos that I don’t want to keep.

It’s always something

I am having a “beef” with the county dog warden. I understand that my dog needs a “tag” from the county. The privilege of having a dog in these parts is $12/year. The new tag needs to be purchased by January of the year that you are in.

But they do not send a reminder or any paperwork that you can send in by mail and get your tag. If they did that then I would remember. In January I have trouble remembering that it is a new year let alone that I have to buy a tag for the dog. I am a 53 year old post menopausal woman for the love of PETE! I barely remember where my keys or my ever expanding bahookie are.

No, they just wait until we have all forgotten, call to remind us and THEN tell us that the fee is now DOUBLED to $24. Plus we cannot renew by mail or on lineso I have to drive 20 minutes to get a tag.

And I continue to forget.

And so they have reminded me again and given me til 6/4 to get the tag and call in the number or they will kindly give me a “citation”, which will cost even more money.

HEY PORTAGE DOG WARDEN! If you did this ON LINE or by MAIL then we would all remember.

Or perhaps you just want to soak me for double the price.

I am late posting my Quick Takes this morning because  LaurenLeap and I spent 3 hours in the garden this morning….

In the heat…….

And I am toasted in most of the ways that it is possible, but not the alcoholic way.

I did remember to wear my big brimmed hat, but forgot to put on sunscreen. But I really don’t seem to have gotten sunburned which is good.

That three hours was almost completely taken up with putting black landscape cloth down in the paths between the beds to keep down the weeds that have the unmitigated gall to try and grow in our sacred gardening ground.

2013-05-31 08.56.59

It was a tad breezy this morning and at one point I felt like I was in the middle of a Christo and Jeanne Claude installation.

You can tell how busy I am……

I haven’t had time to pick up my pointy sticks and knit since…..Monday.

Nary a knit or purl stitch.

I am getting jittery.

But if I have time today I will work a bit on this……
2013-05-22 17.34.47

My latest Mother of the Bride wrap, cotton because the wedding is in August and even though I am VERY attached to my lace, NO ONE wants to wear alpaca in August.

I suspect that the alpaca don’t even want to wear alpaca in August.

It is almost strawberry picking season!! And we are just about out of frozen strawberries!!!

PLUS yesterday I used the last package of frozen peaches in a less than stellar mixed fruit crumble. Peaches, blueberries, apples and the last of the frozen rhubarb from last year. It is very tasty to be sure but…….

Less than stellar because I didn’t add enough flour to it and so it is a tad bit runny (an understatement). Sometimes I just cook without a recipe and most of the time it works out but…..

Not this time.

Oh it is still tasty to be sure, just a bit runny.

And speaking of fruit as we were. We are still going strong on the blueberries that I picked last year. I may have to ramp up the consumption to make room for the new crop that will be showing up end of June or so.


Obviously I have been scanning photographs again.

Can we just say…..


And there are so many more to come. I just don’t even know where to start, there are just so many that I can use to humiliate myself.

Thank goodness I can laugh at myself.

2013-05-28 10.59.22-1

Our town had the unmitigated audacity to put a Dunkin’ Donuts a measly 10 minute drive my Chez Knit.

I am doomed.


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