Thursday, May 2, 2013

To the Miscreant Who Stole My Credit Card Number I Say PFFFFFFFFT!

Don’t you just hate days that start out so well and then go down hill.

OK, today hasn’t actually gone down hill all the way. It could have been a whole heck of a lot more down hill than it was.

I sound like I am whining and I really am not….


The day started out well, if early. HHBL had to be out the door by 5:30a which is not his optimal time but he rose to the occasion. I was awake with a headache so up I got. We had a showing this morning so I fluffed and buffed Chez Knit a bit but nothing special. Then out to fill up the time of the showing and….


OK, and to buy an ESSENTIAL item for Big Bertha. Or more specifically for Big Bertha’s friend Samuel J. Speedlite. Bertha and Sam had been haranguing me to get a diffuser for Sam. He felt that he just couldn’t do some of the jobs that I was asking of him without one. He is such a greedy flash. He and Bertha ganged up on me I swear!

And isn’t it amazing how I anthropomorphize my camera equipment. You do that don’t you?

Don’t you?

Moving on.

So I stop at Wally Mart AND at Target to see if they carry Compact Flash cards cuz I also needed another one of those. Curse you Canon for making the 7D a Compact Flash and not SD. But nada in both places. Or should I say nada except a 4G card which wouldn’t even be worth thinking about buying let alone actually buying. So I declared savings defeat and drove over to my local camera store to talk to Diane about what diffuser she would recommend and to pick up another 32G card. It tells you something if I am on a first name basis with the genius at the camera store. AND the fact that I actually have a camera store a 15 minute drive from me is excellent in itself.

I was completely proud of myself that I went into the place where I would spend all my money camera store and only purchased the two things that I needed. I didn’t look, much, at any new lenses. I didn’t even ask Diane to take any of the lovely glass out of the case so that I could gaze at it. I chatted. I purchased. I left.

Went and bought a cup of coffee and a pecan twist and sat in Panera for a bit to use up the rest of the time that I had to be absent from Chez Knit and then toodled back home where, when I was just getting out of my car, the realtor and her clients drive up the driveway an hour later than their allotted time. Seriously? I just tried to make myself scarce as they wandered for about 15 minutes before moving on to the house next door. Sigh.

Finally time to have lunch and I was just sitting down for a thrilling meal of leftovers when the home phone rang. I almost didn’t bother answering it because we don’t get too many calls on the home phone and usually someone is just trying to sell us something. The caller ID said “CHASE” and again I almost didn’t pick it up because I figured that it was Chase Bank trying to sell us some other service that we didn’t need.

But I picked up…

And came to find that some lying cheating stealing buttface person had stolen my credit card number and Chase was calling to make sure that their assumptions on this were correct. Yes, I had just spent some money at Dodd Camera. Yes, I had a small Amazon charge the other day.

How about the one from The Freemont Hotel?


How about the one from Steam Games?

That would be a negatory.

Well, shit.

Sorry, said a bad word. And I used an even worse word to Cartoon Girl when describing the miscreants who absconded with my credit card number. She forgave me (she has heard me say that word before) but I cannot use that word here. I can think it though. And I am. Really loudly.

So now I have to wait for a new card to come. And I then have to try to remember where I need to change card information. What a pain in my ever expanding bahookie. All because some fucker (oops, wrote the word anyways) miscreant couldn’t be bothered to use their own money to play the latest version of Monkey Butts Universe.

And Chase? I am sorry I thought such bad things about you. You guys were “Johnny on the Spot” about catching the fraud and getting it taken care of. Thank you.

I think I will go play with my new diffuser.

Or have a glass of wine.

Or both.

It is 5 o’clock somewhere I am sure.


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  1. Oh what a crappy thing to have happen! I've been there myself, and it does indeed s--k. Those rotten a-----es. You certainly deserve to utter any number of nasty words to relieve the stress, and another good glass of wine.


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