Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Well THAT Was Fun

Yesterday we took Chez Knit off the housing market…..again.


She has been out there for all to see, sort of like Kim Kardashian, for a bit over a year and no one wanted to buy her. No one even came close. No one even said, “Well, there are things we don’t like and we are going to make you a low but reasonable offer and see what happens.” It was a difficult year.

And just as an aside, why is Kim Kardashian famous? What has she ever done to be famous? Explain this to me.

But I digress.

It has been difficult for us to have people come and view the house that we love and then tell us that the wall color wasn’t to their liking or that the fixtures needed to be updated or that the counters weren’t what they wanted or that this and that weren’t what they thought should be in a house “of this size”.



If you do not like the wall color or the counter tops…..make us an offer, ask for some $ back and then change what you don’t like to what you do like. How difficult is that concept? If you don’t like the landscaping I have the name of several very nice men who would love to put in new bushes for you. Don’t like the garden in the back? Feel free to rip it all out and put in a patio. I am sure that Home Depot would give you a deal on new bathroom fixtures and I even know a really good plumber who would LOVE the work.

Good Golly Miss Molly!!

I can complain about this (and believe me poor HHBL has heard an ear full) and get very down about it (oh there have been VERY dark days) but in the end I have to assume that the Lord is saying wait. Wait now because I have something better in mind for you later.

Oh He KNOWS I am not good at waiting! HE knows!!! I am the one impatiently tapping my toes and sighing last night as the family in line in front of me at Panera took FOREVER to place their order. All I wanted was a warm and gooey cookie for the LOVE of Peter, Paul and Mary. Just order the kid a bagel and get on with life!

I am the person counting the items in the cart in front of me in the “15 Items or Less” aisle because I can see quite clearly that they have MORE than 15 items.

Someone tailgating you? It might be me if you are hanging in the left lane on the highway and going to speed limit. Left lanes are for those of us who go faster thankyouverymuch.

If I am that impatient in line at Panera or Wally Mart then the waiting period that the Lord is asking us to be in…..well……sometimes I am not doing to well with it.

The Lord never says “maybe”. He says yes. He says no. He says wait. And evidently we are still in the waiting mode. And I will be OK with that, or at least I am trying to be. We will fill up every bedroom plus the basement when the big day arrives in August.  And I can sit in the back garden in the afternoon shade and read a book and have peace. The humming birds and I can continue our unrequited love affair and the marauders from the woods deer and I will fight to the death for the last hosta. I love this house, even though…….

On occasion……..

I might be known to send HHBL an email to ask him a question rather than just getting up, leaving my office and walking over to his and asking him the question directly.

But only on occasion.

Still here. Still waiting. Still knitting.

I wonder if I can keep an alpaca in the back yard?

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  1. Don't ever, ever pray for patience! I did that (I was much like you). God gave me Sophie. I now have my patience tested and tried every single day. Multiple times. I say go for the alpaca.


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