Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 213)

Well here we are again, gathered around the Friday table for a hearty meal of blather. You know the legislation. When you are done with you blather inoculation you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my ever expanding bahookie (see #1) over to Conversion Diary.

Righteous Blather!



This is what I had for breakfast yesterday. I was a bad girl. But Oh how I love Cinnabon. I usually avoid that place of sugar sin. However, they have kindly developed this nifty little cup which holds the cut up centers of Cinnabon rolls all covered with gooey stuff and convenient to eat with a fork.




Saw the first humming bird of the season this week. He didn't stay long, just zipped in and zipped out. I will be honest and say that I filled up the feeders initially with liquid food that I had bought at the end of last season. It had been in the frig for a bit but it was all that I had available. I have since bought fresh food and refilled.

Come on little Hummers!


Last week I mentioned that we had seen the first batch of goslings at the lake. If you look you will see five little fluffy balls of waddling goosehood. This picture was taken on May 2nd I think.

Now look at a picture I took on Tuesday of this week of the same family of geese....

Do you see something missing? Or should I say someone? There is only one gosling rather than five. I know you are thinking that maybe the other goslings have just wandered off a bit. But goslings at this age don't wander and even if they were so inclined, mommy and daddy wouldn't allow it.

Nope. In the space of a week I would guess that the resident Bald Eagles have been feasting on juicy, tender gosling.

For some reason I feel like singing a rousing chorus of "The Circle of Life".



Now that Chez Knit is off the market I am thinking about pulling out the boxes that are packed up in the basement and going through all of them again for another round of clean out. I did this the last time we took the house off the market, eliminating about half of the boxes.

It is time for another round.

For the most part I haven't missed whatever is stored in the boxes and that tells me that I can live without the contents. I would guess that I will be selling more things online. Or donating.

Just so long as things get cleaned out and decreased I am happy. My ultimate goal would really be to have only things that we actually use.

Wouldn't that be excellent.



I tell you, my iPhone can take crazy good pictures at times. I wouldn't have been able to get this photo with my point and shoot camera. When I was still using a point and shoot that is.

In fact I just sold my little, and fairly ancient, point and shoot camera on Amazon for a mere fraction of what I paid for it. It has been languishing at home for a year, never being used, since I got my iPhone. It was time.



Now is probably the time to tell you that I am taking a week blogging break next week. I have a crazy week scheduled, seeing old friends, Friday evening and all day Saturday photographing a wedding, family stuff. Something has to give.

Please don't leave me.

I wouldn't know what to do without you.

I will try to maintain the 365 photos project though. Actually I should say that that is going to turn into an 18 month project but it gets done as it gets done.

I will be back to full blogging on the 20th with lots of pithy blather I am sure.

And there might be photos.



Lets end the week with another family photo shall we. It my continuing effort to be totally open with all of you. I believe this was during my "Wash my hair? Why should I wash my hair?" phase. Why wash my hair when I can wear a bandana for a week at a time.

And I am not even going to go down the road of talking about Pilot Man's plaid pants.




  1. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday, and after spending tons of time reading through, yours is exactly the blog I've been looking for! Knitting! Gardening! Pretty pictures and humor, it's all here. So thanks for a terrific blog, and thank you for taking next week off. This will give me plenty of time to catch up on all your past posts.

    1. Welcome to the blog! How did you happen to find me?

    2. It was via Ravelry, specifically the Audiobook knitters group. I was reading the favorite podcasts, what's in your ears, and Goodreads threads and realized I was seeing your posts everywhere. Of course, then I had to look at your projects, profile, and found your blog that way. I'm looking forward to reading more this weekend!

  2. That is a gorgeous photo of the lake!
    Poor little goslings. We've been watching a goose sitting on her nest (she conveniently made it right up next to a wall of windows so we can watch safely), and just the other day she walked off with two little babies. So stinkin' cute.
    If you aren't going to talk about his plaid pants, can you at least talk about his hat? :)
    Have fun during your busy week!

    1. Oh the hat! I am going to have to ask Pilot Man for the full answer but after discussion with Mimi we think the hat might have belonged, originally, to Grandpa Pringle. It looks like something he would have owned and then given to Pilot Man.


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