Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 141)


Well, it is that time again. I can see that you are chomping at the bit to read some blather. So remember, after you have read and thought about and pondered my internal brain workings click on the picture above. You will be whisked, at a speed greater than the time that it takes for Rick Perry to answer a debate question, over to Conversion Diary.

Now let’s blather!

I arose this morning to a skiff of snow on the ground. And if you were a part of my immediate family the next line you would say is……

Everything outside was just slicker ‘n deer guts on a door knob.

Sorry, too much listening to The Dillards Live! Almost record when we were younger.

But we did get a skiff of snow. As of the writing of this first Quick Take I haven’t gone out to measure but I would venture to guess that it is really no more than a 1/4 of an inch as most.

But it is still snow. And it is still snowing.

This was my Elixir of Life post this morning on FB and Twitter

It snowed last night.
That’s just not right.
Oh coffee bring me warmth and light

I am on an audiobook kick these days. Thank goodness for the library and Librivox because otherwise I couldn’t do it. Audiobooks are very expensive to actually own.

I find that if I am doing the usual things around the house I am move effective at getting them done if I am listening to an audiobook or podcast. You know, all those things that we really don’t like to do….cleaning…..ironing.


Now if I am having to do some writing or reading I cannot also listen to an audiobook. They must use the same section of the brain. I will hear my own words in my head OR I will hear the audiobook but not both at the same time.

I love my ipod. But it is a pain to load up CDs.

Now to save up the money for an ipad. I have severe ipad envy I am sorry to say.

Oh you should see the Official 2011 Ornament that is being produced here at Chez Knit!

It is so stinkin’ cute.

But I am not going to put a picture up until after December 5th. That is the day of the Annual Stealing Ornament Exchange. Until then it is under raps.

But it is so cute!! I love it when something turns out like I think it ought to.

We are going to be with Cartoon Girl, TMO, TSiL, Shoe Queen and Slim Jim at Thanksgiving.

Can I tell you how excited I am!!

It isn’t all that often that we have all the progeny together in one place. Chaos will reign. And it is going to be so much fun.

AND we will have other family to see. AND AND we will be having the annual family white elephant gift exchange, known fondly as The March of the White Elephants. Cousin Jon tells me that they have the perfect gift and it is going to go home with me even if they have to throw the contest.

That has happened before. There has been conniving and scheming to make sure that one particular person went home with a particular gift. There was that pink flamingo…..

Cousin Tim wanted it bad. His wife Ardith wasn’t too excited about it. But we made sure it went home with him.

Oh man…..Jon tell me it isn’t the flamingo!!!!!!

Amazingly I am almost done with the holiday knitting. And no I am not telling you what I have finished. That sort of contradicts the whole Christmas GIFT thing.

Holiday knitting is a hot topic in my knitting group and people hold definite views on it. There are some that NEVER and I do mean NEVER knit anything for anyone at Christmas. Their feeling is that the “knittee” never appreciates the time and effort.

Then there are those of us who knit for specific people who have expressed an interest. I fall into that category.

And then there are those that knit for everyone including their children’s teachers.

I have a hard enough time finishing the projects that I have. Once I finish this last thing then I can go back to my selfish knitting.


I think we have finally finished the last of the Halloween Candy.

And there was quite a bit of it left. I have a confession to make. We never have that many trick or treaters but I bought enough for an army. I knew we were going to have to consume it so I made sure that I bought something that we like.

I hang my head is shame.

And I am not getting on the scale until at least February.

And finally, Veterans Day.

I want to say a big thank you to all who serve and protect our country. Thank you to my dad who spent time in the Army.

There is supposed to be a picture in this spot of my dad in uniform. I know I have it but I just can’t find it. Just use your imagination to picture him as he is getting his promotion to Major. You can do it.

Thank you to my cousin Clint. The Air Force is better for having you flying for them.

And a special thank you to Cpl. Matt Wilhoit.
Matt Wilhoit

Thank you Matt for your service. For being willing to put your life on the line for the rest of us often ungrateful Americans. I am always amazed at the fine men who are a part of the military. They, and you, are the best of the best in my opinion.

Susan, I stole your picture. You love me so I know you won’t mind. I will buy you a glass of wine when we finally get to do our “roommate weekend”.


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Whitestone referred me to you today.Nice to meet you. Good job for paring down your stuff in 30 days. Whew! We had to do much of that too since our house is on the market. It can be hard sometimes.

    Soo... in your 20 or so days so far, what was the hardest to get rid of? :)

    And yes, I agree. Coffee is an elixir!

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Hi Jennifer and welcome to my crazy world! You know, it has probably been the linen purge that I have had the hardest time with. I seem to be a linen hoarder. And there is still more to be purged. But it still feels good.

    Oh and purging books is particularly painful.

  3. Deb,thanks for honoring Matt on your blog! Veterans Day felt really sacred this year....even though I grew up in a military family. Loved seeing tons of "thank you" comments to veterans on FB this week!

    And WHEN are we taking that roommate trip?? I'm ready!


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