Thursday, November 10, 2011

Small Town Life

There are advantages with living in a small town. Yes, Chez Knit sits in a far suburb of Cleveland. We are really about as far from Akron as we are Cleveland if you want to be nit picky about it. But the town itself is relatively small. And that means that it comes with some small town advantages.

  • The women behind the counter at the Post Office know me by name.
  • you have the same poll workers at every election and one of them happens to be a neighbor.
  • you see neighbors and friends when you go into vote and when you come out.
  • the librarians know you, both in your town library AND in the next town over.
  • you can call the mayor on his cell phone. Not that I have any desire to do that. I am not sure why he is still our mayor. Everyone I know votes against him and yet he is still there.
  • Truck Nutz. If you do not know what those are then google it. I am not explaining any further. They really aren’t an advantage so much as a source of amusement.

And then there is the police blotter in the local paper. It is always a source of amusement. Take some of these most recent entries. I have tinkered with info to protect the guilty innocent and anything in ( ) are my pithy comments.

  • An officer warned a person parked at the _____ Rd. dog park that the park was closed. The person and dog left the area.  (Good to know)
  • An ______ Rd. resident reported a constantly barking bog (I think they meant to say dog, bogs don’t bark).
  • A ____ Ave. man reported that someone took car batteries from his garage.
  • An officer stood by on Oct. 27 while a person repossessed a car at _____ Commons. ( a FABULOUS use of our police officers)
  • a ______ woman reported receiving unwanted texts from her sister-in-law. (the mind boggles at what was in those txt messages that the woman needed to call the police.)

And my personal favorite:
      A _____ Court woman reported receiving harassing text messages from her boyfriend’s estranged wife. (Ummmmm, I am think that woman needs to rethink her dating situation)


  1. *smirk* truck nutz-- I've seen them once or twice but I didn't know they HAD A NAME. :-)

  2. I remember 24 years ago when I moved from Warren to Mantua and I read the police blotter--I mean really--I laughed out loud.


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