Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It Was Mammoth! Mammoth I Tell Ya

There are things that I love about living in the woods.

  • trees
  • the owls hooting at night
  • the coyotes howling at night
  • the quiet

There is something that I do not like about living in the woods……..

Deathly Spider

The spiders.

This one was MAMMOTH!! MAMMOTH I tell you.

But he was outside so I reluctantly let him/her/it stay on the back brick wall.

But if that thing comes in the house then all bets are off and I am going to squash it like the creepy arachnid that it is.

Be warned.


  1. I hate spiders. Detest them. Really, really much so. That picture makes my skin crawl. It is what I do not like about living in the woods either.

    But, like you, I wouldn't kill one outside the house (unless it had that red hour glass on it's tummy).

  2. Just when I'm getting all comfortable visiting the blog again after the hook worm photos shudder, you post a photo of the creepiest spider I have seen in a long time! Wondering when my skin is going to stop crawling now. :)

  3. Killed one like that in our basement this past spring. Actually I called hubby down and he killed it as I was barefoot.


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