Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Christmas Decorations Are Still Waiting.

Today was the day when I was going to get all the Christmas decorations put up.

But it in immortal words of Aragorn

It is not THIS day.

I will say that I have managed to get all of the boxes up stairs. There really aren’t that many of them but still enough that it took a number of trips up and down the stairs. And there are still several boxes to go. But that is all that is getting done today I am thinking.

It isn’t that I haven’t had a very productive day because I have. Today I have:

- managed to turn on the mixer on high with the bowl full of flour, spewing the flour all over. I mean ALL OVER.

- forgotten that I had the mixer kneading bread dough. I had my ear buds in and I just went on to the next task. That bread kneaded for at least 20 minutes and the mixer was VERY WARM and I could smell how hot the motor was. Not. Good. But the bread is delicious.

- fought a losing battle with the squirrels and the new feeder. I am going to have to construct a squirrel baffle.


Why would you want to baffle me? I don’t understand?

- broken a dish

- done 4 loads of laundry

- thrown out several newly purchased containers of yogurt because I didn’t read the label and didn’t realize they were sweetened with Splenda. That explains the massive headache that I had yesterday. AND they tasted terrible, sweet but flat. Serves me right for buying store brand. Should have stuck to Stoneyfield. And yes I know it is terrible to waste them and throw them out but I will never eat them. I avoid any and all artificial sweetners if I can.

So I have decided to just call it a day and go and do some knitting. And maybe re-watch the finale from The Walking Dead which I am totally unsure of my feelings on. Or watch my Netflix movie. Or watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow parts 1 & 2.

But the Christmas decorations will have to wait for another day. But they can’t wait too long cuz I have 25+ ladies showing up at Chez Knit on Monday for the annual stealing orgy Ornament Exchange. We know everything will be decorated by then.

Or at least I hope so.

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  1. I was heartbroken when Sophia walked out of that barn Sunday night!


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