Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh The Memories

I have suddenly been whisked back to my childhood. To those special mornings when I would come to the breakfast table and find my most favorite of breakfasts.

The best thing in the entire world.
Those store bought, straight from the package, cinnamon swirls things. I have no idea what they are actually called, I think Cinnamon Swirls.

Oh be still my frantically beating heart.

Full of preservatives and other ingredients that I cannot pronounce and do not even want to know what they are. Full of sugar and salt. Full of bad things.


And pair them with lovely, spicy Bambi sticks that were produced with venison taken down by Pilot Man.


Especially with a nice hot cup of coffee.
But I always have to eat them the same way. I never deviate from it. Never ever ever.

I always unravel the whole thing all the way. It takes some patience and skill but when you do it that way it lasts longer. If you chomp into it then it only takes three bites and you are done. But if you unravel it? It just lasts and lasts. And since I usually only was allowed two of them then this just extended the pleasure.

Oh those childhood memories.

But no memories in the world would ever make liver taste good.


  1. And now that you're an adult you can have as many as you want. Pilot Man is the perfect-hair-guy I used to know, right? He hunts his own Bambi and makes his own jerky out of it? I'd have never pegged him for that back then.

    Amen on the liver thing...not amount of bacon helps it either.

  2. MadMax got his first deer this weekend. I'm trying to use it as an excuse to get a new freezer, but I don't think it's working.

  3. I still remember that day we had to eat liver with crystal-clear perfectness. Even when most childhood memories I can only remember vaguely.

  4. My whole freezer of Bambi thawed :( Ration the stix


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