Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Thank The Lord For Surprise Parties.

I had a really good time on Saturday afternoon.

Why you might be asking yourself. Because I got to go to a surprise birthday party. And this one just seemed special for all of us because there was a time, just about this time two years ago that we weren’t sure if we would have the chance to celebrate Heather’s 40th birthday.


Hope is on the left. And her big sister, Heather, is on the right. This was last Christmas at the Ornament Exchange. Can you see that Heather’s hair is growing out? That is because she was done with her chemo. Who would think that a small lump on the back of a neck would be anything like….cancer.

So you can see why we were all so excited. Hope was the most excited let me tell you. You should have seen all the work that she did to get ready!!


These were the Cinnamon chip scony things that were for dessert. They were G.O.O.D. And there was a pumpkin cake thing.


Lordy be I love this punch. I don’t know what is in it but we wants it Precious.


And the table was beautifully set. Yes, there were some who snickered at me as I took pictures of the water glasses. And then someone said, “Oh she does that.”

Yes I do.


We are receiving our instructions from a woman who SO does not look like she has three small children. It just really isn’t fair.


It is very difficult to get a large group of women to be quiet when we all want to yell and giggle.



We laughed. We cried. We hugged. We chattered. And then it was time to eat.


But before we ate we joined hands to thank the Lord for the privilege of being able to celebrate this birthday with Heather. For a time that is extra special to all of us who love her so dearly.


Heather’s daughters Morgan and Kayla (above) kept the secret VERY well.


Yes we all brought presents but really the best one was the scrapbook that older daughter Morgan had made. It is full of all the cards and notes and letters and emails and sticky notes that people sent to Heather while she was going through chemo. Heather’s dad sent an email every day, and sometimes more than that, with a scripture or the words to a hymn. We all shed tears looking at this one.


Morgan I want your boots. You can drop them off on the way to school. Thanks.


The Sisters of My Heart


Heather I am so very, very glad that we were able to celebrate your 40th birthday. The Lord is good.

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  1. You brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the sweet recap and ever so artsy pictures!!!


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