Wednesday, November 16, 2011


OH I have been walking down memory lane today. Isn’t it funny the things that zip you right back to the growing up years.

When we were out visiting the parental units and the progeny a month or so ago Mimi handed me an envelope. And in the envelope was


The old family address/phone book. Shades of rotary phones Batman!

Yes, there was a time Grasshopper when there was no Outlook or iphone or Blackberry to store all your contact information. There wasn’t even, GASP!, the internet. We found a phone number the old fashioned way.

We let our fingers do the walking.

And this was the central repository for all phone numbers that we might need. It has certainly had some long and hard use by the looks of it.


Because it was the “family” address book, really just phone book, anyone could write phone numbers in it.


Mimi and Papa’s handwriting. Do you want to guess which is which. And I have to say that neither of their handwriting has changed one iota over the years.


I believe this is Pilot Man’s entry. I am not sure why I would be writing down the name and number of the boy across the street. He was cute as I recall but a tad on the short side and needed a hair cut.

Hey Mom Chef, check out the other names on that particular page!!


I believe this is my handwriting but I have no idea who this person is. She must have been important enough that I put pen to paper.


She of the poodle dog and practice sheets that had to be filled in and signed by parents. I was VERY good at writing out my mothers name. Don’t tell her OK?

Oh and I see that the name at the top of the page belongs to the people who gave me my first babysitting job. Now THAT was fun. They fed their child a pot pie for lunch before I came. How do I know this? Because the kid threw it up all over me later in the afternoon.

Good times.

I am not going to keep the phone/address book. I am just enjoying looking through it. Maybe I should put it away and preserve it for future generations?



  1. Yep . . . put it away for the future generation. Someday it may end up in a museum because everyone else threw away their phone book.

  2. Jenny I've got your number... :-)

    I think I'd recognize your mom's handwriting anywhere.


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