Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Of Us Is Goin’ Down!


The Enemy

It is this time of year when I raise my fist and curse the fact that we decided to “build the house in the forest Mommy!”

Forest=trees=leaves=oh my aching back in the Fall.


My trusty Fall companion.

I would never live through the months of October and November without my trusty leaf blower “Mr. Windy”. Thank you to whoever it is that engineered the thing that is a leaf blower.


Local Producer of Annoying Repetitive Noise

Leaf blower! I love the leaf blower! I must bark at the leaf blower! BarkBarkBarkBark!

It is the leaves or me.

And I have a banquet to go to this evening so that tells you who is going to win this war!!


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  1. We have the same enemy. And the same trusty Fall companion (though ours is gas-powered like your Hubby's). We took care of the whole freakin' yard on Thursday. It rained hard and blew mightily overnight. Can't tell that we did a thing. :(

    (Dudette thinks Max is cute.)


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