Saturday, November 19, 2011

It’s All in A Saturday’s Work

It is Saturday. That is the day when HHBL and I try to accomplish at least one or two household tasks or seasonal tasks.

Today it was…….


The Shed

It needed to be cleaned out and rearranged and straightened. We hadn’t done it ever for a while. We cleaned out

  • garden equipment that was old and rusty and bent
  • a scooter that long ago belonged to one of the progeny
  • unidentifiable pieces of stuff
  • a desiccated mouse body or two
  • leaves from many falls
  • old pots
  • hoses from long ago equipment

It is done.

I will now be going to the hospital and getting treatment for Hanta Virus I am sure.

I have now left the mice some “treats” which I hope they enjoy to their little mousy hearts content.

And then DIE!

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  1. I hate finding little mouse sprinkles. . .anywhere. I agree. DIE


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