Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where Did The Time Go

How can it be?

Oh my heart, my heart.

It cannot possibly be…..





Little did HHBL and I know when Dr. McG ripped her from my womb butt first delivered her what the future held.

AKQ (rev 0)

She came out talking and babbling. We should have seen the handwriting on the wall!!

Image39 (rev 0)

She has always had her own “unique” sense of style. We won’t talk about the “middle years” when most of the time she wore an old gray wool shirt of HHBL’s that he had put in the AmVets bag. That was a style alright.


The girl wears dresses now!! Vintage dresses!! This is the kid whose mantra growing up was “I am not going to wear that! It is girly.” Wow how times change.

Top-238 (rev 0)

This may be the last time that she voluntarily wore the color pink.


She lives in the big city and thrives there. Here she is ignoring me as I take a picture in the subway of her ignoring me.

I live to annoy my children. It is my payback for their growing up years.

Her sense of humor is wicked. Her laugh is infectious. Her brain is a repository of fantastically obscure movie knowledge.

And she takes funny pictures with me.


What more could a mother ask?

We are super duper extra special fantastically proud of you Cartoon Girl.

Now go and sing some Karaoke!


  1. Love these photos! Love those girls! You are a lucky woman, indeed! Happy Birthday, Ashley!

  2. I love the photos . . . these certainly put a smile on my face! Happy birthday!

  3. Fantastic post, Debbie! What a great mom you are. I know they know it. :)


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