Thursday, December 15, 2011


I will admit it. I love all the " end of the year" specials and retrospectives.

I would tell you that I hang my head in shame but I would be lying. Lying big time.

Case in point, I just spent part of the afternoon watching the Barbara Walters Most Interesting People of e Year special that I had recorded last night. Come on you know you love it! 

I live for the NY Times Magazine "The Lives They Lived" that will show up in about two weeks. I pour over it. Of course I spend more than my fair share of time reading the NY Times obits but that is another story entirely.

Hmmmmm, I might have wandered off course for a moment. Where was I?

And all the holiday movies, both classics and made for TV. Be still my beating heart. I have already watched "White Christmas" at least once. Who wouldn't love a movie where people break into song at the thought of snow in Vermont. I also have a particular fondness for the schmaltzy movies on Hallmark Channel that show up this time of year. And then there is "Come to The Stable" which no one seems to know about. It has snow and nuns driving jeeps and music. What could be better.

Of course we will be indulging in the 24 hours of "A Christmas Story". It just wouldn't be Christmas without being able to quote all our favorite lines.

It's a CLINKER!!!!!!!!!!!

Just call me the chief sap of Christmas.


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