Thursday, December 8, 2011

You Tube I Love You

It is Christmas Time. I have a boat load of stuff to do.

I have work pictures to edit.

I have two parties this weekend to get ready for.

I have basic house stuff that needs to get done.

So what am I REALLY doing?

Why I am wandering down memory lane watching old music videos that I am sure I watched on MTV long before they went down the rabbit hole.

Just a word, some of these videos may not play here because they make you go over to YouTube to watch them so someone gets a paycheck (probably a lawyer).

Do it, you know you want to.

Who could ever forget Bad English and “The Price of Love”. Oh the 1980’s and the big hair. Bad English didn’t last long but John Waite is still around.

And there was Squeeze with “Tempted”. I listened to this one CONSTANTLY at one point.

And then……

I found them.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Oh ELP how I loved you. I listened to you hour upon hour upon hour. But can I just say that Keith Emerson’s posture is TERRIBLE! Now back to the trip down memory lane.

Sitting in Papa’s office in the leather chair with the sound cranked. How did Mimi stand it in the days before portable music devices AND before I owned my own stereo system. Of course, I did use the headphones at times.


My guess is that I am listening to ELP in this picture. Just a guess. Of course Grandpa’s jacket is as loud as the music.

But I digress.

Ah the Monkees. They weren’t really very good but how could you resist them. This video has 54,562 views….and about 4K of them are mine.

I can’t seem to stop myself!

I love this song! But I have to confess that tooth of his drives me crazy. It looks like it is trying to make a break for it.

And finally,

Because you knew I would,

The Dillards playing “Dooley”. Of course I hear this one all the time because it is my cell phone ringtone.

No one ever said I had good taste.


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