Friday, July 31, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 32)

Well, here we are again amigos. The days just fly by.

This little video came via Cartoon Girl. We love cats and we were just talking last week about how much we miss Mr. Crabby Pants. This just made me smile.

I continue to be amazed that when people enter their cars and start down the highway that they become convinced that they are invisible. Do they think that closing the door on the car is like Harry Potter putting on his invisibility cloak? That no one will see what they are doing? On my way to work this week these are the things that I observed:
  • more that one person picking their nose
  • people reading and driving
  • people reading, driving AND texting
  • at least one woman putting on makeup
  • a woman who actually had those pink, foam rollers in her hair!
  • someone singing at the top of her lungs......oh yeah, that was me, never mind.
  • more than one person with not one but two dogs on their lap and hanging out window

Should I figure out how to put another tab on the blog in order to start putting recipes with pictures up here? Do I want to spend that time? Does anyone care? There are so many blogs already that have recipe sections and I wonder what my adding to the glut would accomplish. And I already spend a bigger chunk of time blogging than I ever expected that I wonder if adding another section would be a good use of time. I do love to cook though. What to do, what to do.

I know that this blog is supposed to have a tiny bit of knittin' talk on it, I know that is somewhere in the name of this place that I inhabit so much. I am knitting, I swear it. I just haven't put pictures up. I will, I will I promise. I should be finishing another pair of BGS (Big Green Socks) for Socks for Soldiers tonight. Those things just take an egregiously long time to knit. I am also working on another cute pair of socks that are about 3/4 finished. It just seems that I don't get as much knitting done during the summer months.

And again this morning it is raining. I love rain, we all know how much I love rain. But this summer has to be the rainiest that I remember in many a year. It makes for lush garden growth I will give you that but........I am going to say something that I never thought I would. I think that I am a tad sick of rain. I say that and yet, when I look out and see that there is just a steady rain and think about the fact that I am home all day I do get that lovely yummy feeling of having a whole day stretch out with endless lovely rain. I am sick in the old noggin. Oh well.

Thinking more on the lines of #3 above, I am really going through a "cooking new recipes" phase. I have to say that when the progeny were growing up by cooking repetoir was rather limited, not because I didn't know now to cook but because it was often just easier to make a casserole of some kind. We didn't eat out a great deal so I did cook every night but I wasn't all that into trying alot of new recipes. And then there is the internet. I could sit all day and just look at recipes on the internet. For that matter, you could cook a new internet recipe every night for a year and not exhaust the possibilities. Shoe Queen thinks that I should take on that task next year, to cook something new every day. That is rather overwhelming but I do think that cooking something new three times a week may be doable. I am mulling the idea.

Is it not a tad sad that I am already looking for my planner for next year because I have things that I need to get on the schedule. I am very picky about the planner that I use and Office Max doesn't have the one I use in stock yet. I know this because, like the obsessive individual that I am, I have already made TWO trips over there to see. Man I love my planner, I love writing down what I have to do during the day and I love seeing the things "ticked" off at the end of the day. My planner is where I do, well, all of my planning if you must know. It is where I keep the list of what I am going to make for dinner and what I need to buy and what I need to do at the office when I am there. I love my planner. If I wasn't married to HHBL then my planner and I might have to tie the knot. I am odd, I know, you don't have to point it out. Thats just the way that I roll.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. 3. Yes you should. You don't have to commit to posting things there all the time, just when you want to. I like having my recipe blog just because I always know where to find recipes I like. And then people ask for the recipe I don't have to retype or rewrite it.

    4. Knit me some socks!

    6. That would be an amazing (and expensive) challenge. Have you seen the 365 Crockpot blog? It's on my blogroll. Maybe you don't have to make a new recipe every night, maybe just a new recipe each time you cook. That way you can allow yourself time for leftovers, an occasional night out, etc.

    7. Me too. Obsessed.

    (I comment too much...)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

    Also, you are soooo right with your #2 take. It's EXACTLY like people think they have an invisiblity cloak. At least we have entertainment at stoplights, right?

  3. I love rain too! I love a darkened sky, I love the breezy days, I love the soft sound, I love stormy nights.

    But then again, I love a bright blue sky. Sunshine on the green grass. The anticipation of the next rainy day.

    If you're sick in the noggin' - I don't wanna be healthy :)


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