Thursday, July 30, 2009

Technology Sometimes trips Us Up.

OK, Chelsea over at Roots and Rings (I love her blog) has alerted me that some were having trouble commenting on the blog (mom that means you too). I believe that I have fixed the problem, at least I hope that I have. I even did it without the help of Cartoon Girl or Shoe Queen or even HHBL who are all my techno support team.

So, all that to say, I want to see comments. No comments makes me a very lonely girl and then I do things like knit socks and talk to myself. Oh wait, I do that anyways.


  1. Hey look, it's my name! (Love your blog too!)

    I don't know anything about technology either, so mad props to you for figuring it out.

    Many moons ago (actually only like 4 months ago, but before our blog friendship) I tried to teach myself to knit. It was sad. Too bad you don't live by me so you could teach me!

  2. Oh my friend, I am sure that we can find some way to bring you into the knitting cult, um I mean community.

    So glad to see your name there in the comments!!

  3. It seems to be working for me too, but nothing has changed. Whenever I type in my username and password (in addition to that silly verification word, which half the time I can't decipher anyways!), I am always told the password is wrong. Grrr. So I have to click on "Sign up here," leave the site, click on "sign in first" from Google's new customer sign-in page (which is a bit contradictory, if you ask me), and from THERE sign-in ... then come back to your blog.

    A little annoying, to say the least ... but worth it if it brings just a tad of joy to your life. :)


Thank you SOOO much for commenting. We bloggers, of which I am such a minnow in such a big pond, live for our comments.