Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When Google Steers You Wrong

So, I have this little thing on the blog that keeps track of how many people visit. You know that little "blog counter" thing. Well, one of the extra things that comes with the blog counter is the ability to look at all these other statistics. Statistics like how many people have visited the blog that day and how many visitors BlogPatrol is projecting will visit (a LOW number on both counts, I am no Dooce or Pioneer Woman), different "referrers", what country the visitors are from (OK, those from Australia, Canada and JAPAN raise your hands) and my personal favorite.....keywords.

Keywords are actually what someone has typed into a particular search engine. You type in those words, hoping and praying that they will bring you the information you seek. And they do....sometimes. Or not as the case may be.

I feel SOOOOOO sorry for some of the people who in the last week or so have used their search engine to find some information and wound up on my blog. For instance,
cartoon: greek boy - what were they looking for? a cartoon about a greek boy? Well, they got this post instead.

things to remember when flying - I have no idea why but when you google that phrase one of my blog posts comes us.

Judge Ralph Moody Quotes Anchorage - this phrase makes no sense to me. I mean, I know who Ralph Moody is (an author) but what does he have to do with Anchorage? Imagine someone's surprise when they googled this phrase, looking for who knows what, and they end up at a post I did about Sarah Palin back in 2008. And this person had to work to find my post because it wasn't on the first page. Thank you for stopping but what the heck were you looking for in the first place?

Eartha Kitt knitting - Huh? Did Eartha Kitt knit? Hahahahahahaha, that really was funny.

vertically challenged mom - Hey now! watch it with the politically correct terms.

and for the best one yet.....
USS Yorktown leaves Pearl Harbor to Midway - yes, someone actually typed that in to their search engine and was directed to my blog. Poor person. Imagine, they were probably working on some last minute project and thinking that they would get just the perfect piece of information and.....rather a jolt to their day I am a thinkin'


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