Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Blog Purge Has Begun

I have this tendency, when I start something new, to jump in with both feet, wearing big boots so that I make a humungeous (that IS a word) splash. I don't start things in a small way, a dabbling sort of way with my big toe in the shallow end of the pool saying, "Oh I don't know. Maybe." No, I have to be all read every book, learn every thing, buy every item related kind of girl.

When I started scrapbooking 6 years ago I couldn't be content with getting some paper and starting slowly. Oh no not I. I had to have the WHOLE, honking big kit, with ALL the tools even though I didn't have any clue what to do with all those things and had never made a scrap book before and hadn't even contemplated doing that. The same principle came into play when I started knitting again several years ago. Buy one skein of yarn and some needles just to see how you do? ARE YOU KIDDING! I need needles in every size, darn it. What if I want to knit something and the knitting shop in town is closed or something! And I didn't stick very long with knitting scarves either. No, I had to teach myself how to do socks because, well I just had to that's why.

Well, the same principle applied when I began to read blogs around 4 years ago. My "Bookmark it" button was smoking with the use that it was getting. "This looks interesting, I will bookmark it", became my mantra. My blog cup raneth over and threatened to swamp me. Open up the "Blogs" folder in my favorites and every other folder dropped out of sight and threatened to leave. I was overwhelmed and knew not where to turn. When you have SO many blogs to read you end up not reading any. Or you spend too much time popping in and out trying to see who has a new post. And then you can't remember which blogs you REALLY liked because there are so many to look at AND THEN your head explodes.

So, I have begun the Great Blog Purge. If you have inexplicably been absent from your blogging for months on end....buh bye. I wouldn't want to read me if I didn't update for two months. If I look at your blog and can't even remember when or why I bookmarked you.....buh bye. Don't take that personally, it's me that is the problem not you. Oh my word I have always wanted to use that shallow, shallow phrase! At any rate, this is taking time and, for the most part, I agonize over the decisions.

But, I feel cleansed, I feel free. Now if I can just stop myself from hitting that "Bookmark this page" button too much. I will be just fine. No really, I can do this. Yes...I.CAN.DO.THIS..........................I hope.


  1. Um . . . I don't remember writing this post but maybe I did.

    Nah . . . I plan on doing a big purge of stuff and I end up getting rid of 3-5 things.

    But I am with you on the scrapbooking thing (I haven't worked on a scrapbook at all in 3 years but still have all the stuff) the knitting thing (but I also crochet, and I was really lucky to inherit my great grandmothers and great aunts hooks and needles.)

    So I get it completely. I need to to alot of purging. But playing on the computer is so much easier.

  2. Surely you subscribe to bloglines or another feed type service. With Bloglines I don't have to visit each blog, they tell me when a new post has been submitted. It helps me keep in order.

  3. I just clicked on you via Big Mama. Two things:

    1. Try Googe Reader. It's a great way to keep all your stuff straight. I was like you with the favorites. It's overwhleming!

    2. Add me! Add me! I post everyday! I'm what they call "long winded" but I promise to add a bit of humor to your day!


  4. @ rootsandrings - I have just started to use Google Reader and it is awesome. I love it. I also added you so you had better be good! I now have high expectations.


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