Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 31)

I have been following Zac Sunderland since shortly after he left for his trip around the world. Can you imagine giving your 16 year old permission to sail around the world BY HIMSELF. Ummmmm, I used to have trouble giving my 16 year old permission to drive around the corner let alone letting any of them sail around the world ALL BY THEMSELVES. Zac is a singular young man but I have to tell you my respect, admiration, down right amazement goes to his parents. Wow.

Did you know that the oldest man in the world - or at least in England - died this past Sunday at the astonishing age of 113! His name was Henry Allingham and you can read more extensively about him here. But can you imagine being one of the last founding members of the RAF, a WWI survivor and an eyewitness to the Battle of Jutland. Yes I know that last bit when straight over most peoples heads but my Dad will get it. Think about all the history, large and small, that this man has seen. The mind boggles.

I am on a 27 mile bike ride today with HHBL. I should have my head examined is all that I can say. I like biking, HHBL LOVES biking. We will ride 27 miles along the Tow Path trail and then take the train back (oh thank goodness for the train!!!). My hiney is hurting just thinking about it. But, I know I will have fun and I will have the camera along so expect a bunch of pictures and a longer post, when I can sit down in my desk chair again. That may be a while in coming.

Do you wonder what some people are thinking - or NOT thinking - when they get up in the morning and get dressed. I had to make a stop at the post office on Wednesday and passed by a fellow that had on a golf shirt with blue/pink/white stripes, LIME GREEN yoga pants and - hold onto your stomach contents - orange Crocs. I mean DUDE, what were you thinking this morning. He was just walking along to his car, happy as a clam in a sand bar, unaware that his outfit was brighter than the sun and more nauseating than liver and onions. And we know how I feel about liver and onions.

Max the dog, or as we fondly call him "Mr. Nimble Lips", ate a CUP of butter off the counter this week. Yes, you read that correctly, a cup of butter or two sticks of butter if you prefer. I had them on the counter, softening, to use in a recipe. I went out to do an errand and when I arrived home I went to start the cookies but....

Me:Where is my butter? I know I left it on the counter right here?
Place call to Shoe Queen who is out shopping with That Nice Greek Boy
Me:Have you seen the two sticks of butter that were on the counter?
Shoe Queen: No, did you look all around? Have you checked the dog's crate?

Mr. Nimble Lips was in his crate all right, looking very guilty, and the only thing left was one tiny scrap of waxy paper that had covered the sticks of butter. He had eaten both the butter and the paper. I guess that makes sense since he couldn't unwrap the butter, not having opposable thumbs and all.

That dog is going to stay outside for a good long time because what was greasy going in will most likely be greasy coming out if you get my drift.

I love looking at those vanity licence plates that so many people have. But, what is the use in having one of those things if no one can figure out what they actually say? Passed one yesterday that said, "1OS GRL". I get the GRL part, that wasn't difficult. But what does the other part mean. I am sure that I am missing something, I must be. If you are going to pay the $75/year that vanity plates cost (at least that is the cost in Ohio) then figure out something that people can get pretty quickly. I nearly did in some little old lady putzzing down the highway in her Mini-Cooper because I was trying to puzzle out what that plate said.

And just as an aside, what a very tiny and very elderly woman was doing driving a red Mini-Cooper I will never know. You could barely see her over the steering wheel!

I have been going through pictures again and look what I found! I have no earthly clue which relative this is but isn't she a doozy. I would love to be able to sit down with her and just ask her what her life was like. At first, when I looked at the picture I thought, "Man, she looks like someone who wouldn't have any trouble taking you to the woodshed." But then, I started to look closer and I have decided that there is a twinkle in her eye.

Have a great week and remember to go click on the Quick Takes picture at the top to go over to Conversion Diary to read all the other Quick Takers.


  1. My daughter's hubby said to he "If he is old enough to drive, he can wait in the car while you go in the store," A little overprotective?

  2. I think the ancestor may be Charlotte Garis, your great-great-great grandmother on your father's side.

  3. 10S Grl = Tense Girl, right???

  4. Oh, what a picture! I do see a twinkle in her eye, too. Tough as nails, but with a heart of sap. When you manage to sit down with her for a convo, I'd like to listen in ;)


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