Monday, July 13, 2009

The Pied Piper of Blogging

So, do you know that there is any easy way to know whether I have a new blog post or not? I know you want me to tell you all about are sitting there at your computer, leaning forward in eager anticipation. I can feel it. This little trick has revolutionized, REVOLUTIONIZED I say, my blog reading.

So, what is the most annoying thing about reading blogs? Well, other than the fact that I spend way too much time reading blogs and looking at blogs and being sucked into blogs, for me at least, it is the checking a blog to see if there is a new post. It is very frustrating to spend your valuable time clicking in and out of said blogs because you are checking to see if there are any new tidbits of wisdom, things to make you chuckle whatever.

Click on blog to check for new blog post - no new posts - disappointment sets in - sigh and go to do something else - click on blog later to check for new post - no new post - grrrrrrr - frustration sets in - go and feed the dog (or some other quadruped) - click on blog to check for new post - no new post - WELL JUST FORGET IT I WILL NEVER BE BACK Pffffffffffft!

You get the picture. Checking on every blog that you read, every day, would just take up too much time especially for someone like me who reads a fair number of blogs dealing with different subjects. Well, recently that all changed for me when I discovered "RSS feed". Oh, what a lovely thing this is.

In basic geek speak RSS means "really simple syndication". I won't go into a long explanation of how it works because frankly.....I have no idea. And I am betting that you don't want to know either. But, what I do know is that with the use of a simple "RSS Reader" like Google Reader or Bloglines you can see the blogs and sites that you read and you can know instantly if there is something new for you to see. I happen to use Google Reader but that is just my preference, you can use one of the others that are available, the look will be different but the action will be the same.

So, this is what you do. Swing your eyes to the right side of my blog. Do you see that column of cool information that I sometimes update? Right below the "Quote of the Day" you will see a section called "Subscribe to my blog" and you sill see this symbol:
Click on that little symbol and you are on your way to subscribing to the blog. You RSS reader will ask if you want to subscribe and you say YES, YES, YES, I want to subscribe! That means that when I have a new blog post it shows up in your RSS reader. You don't have to click in and out of the blog and get all frustrated if I haven't gotten a blog post up. You don't get mad at me, you still love me and the world is happier. When you see that there is a new post then you can go over to the blog and read and enjoy and LEAVE COMMENTS so that I can also feel the love.

I would suggest that you have your RSS reader already set up before starting to subscribe to different blogs, it is just easier.

OK, let's give it a try shall we. Move your mouse cursor over to the right, click on "Subscribe to my blog" and away we go! You will be following me like the rats children followed the Pied Piper of Hamlin, only with nicer results.


  1. LOL I follow your blog on blogger

  2. I know you do my friend! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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