Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Can't Seem to Hit Delete

I am a hoarder of pictures. Yes I will confess it here amongst you my friends. My name is Debbie and I hoard digital pictures.

Hi Debbie

I just can't seem to hit the delete button. I try, I really do. My cursor hovers shyly over the "Delete From Memory Vault" tab. I inhale deeply, talking to myself, urging my inner editor on to cleaning out all these less than interesting or blurry or down right odd pictures that are just cluttering up my computer and threatening me with picture overload.

But then I chicken out. What if I NEED that particular picture one day. You never know, I might. There might come a time when someone will say, "Boy I sure wish I had a picture of a cow's butt from the 2007 Geauga County Fair!" And then, with humility oozing out of me I will shyly raise my hand and say, "I have one. In fact I think I have three or four from that particular year." People will OOOOOO and AHHHHHH and I will be glad I had saved those pictures. At least that is the rationale I use for keeping them.

This may actually be a genetic problem come to think of it because I think the old "I might need it some day" line has been used by my mom all these years to explain the bags and bags and bags of pine cones sitting in the basement (sorry mom the secret is out).

At any rate, below are a VERY few examples of what I am dealing with.

Who really wants to view a boring and rather poorly framed picture of a cemetery in Peoria, IL. Why were you in Peoria you might ask. Well, we were there for a family reunion and we took a tour of the cemetery. No one ever said my husband's family wasn't unique.

How about this lovely photo. We took a tour of the Everglades and this was our boat captain. There wasn't any way that I was putting this in the scrapbook. No real reason to keep it hanging around and yet there it is, cluttering up my "Naples" folder.

I am thinking that Bill (or Bob or whatever his name was) has been sampling the local fare a bit too much. Has there been a decrease in the alligator population recently?

And then there is the picture of the brush fire that we drove past on the way home from my parent's house several years ago. Would you have known there was a brush fire along side 394 if I hadn't told you? I bet not, although you are all fairly intelligent.

Care to see all the crap highly essential stuff that we carried into Progeny #2's dorm room in 2007. Well then I have the picture for you. Again, why am I keeping these.......because I have no ability to clean out my pictures that is why. There has to be some sort of support group for this kind of thing.

I could keep going on and on and on and on....Oh sorry. There are so many of these. This particular fellow practically threatened me into taking his picture. I mean what would you do if a large and rather smelly bird, with a gullet full of stinky fish, landed right in front of you and gave you the "stink eye?" Well, you would take his picture of course. But that doesn't mean I have to use it, dagnabbit.


  1. I think this is my favorite of your blogs of all time. Probably because I can relate to it so much.

    Also because your sample photos are hilarious!

    I'm emailing a link to Mike! He thinks I'M hopeless!

  2. Don't fret. I have the same problem.


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