Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pardon My Drooling

What to have for dinner, what to have for dinner? I usually know what we are having because I spend a bit of time planning the tentative menu for the week. That way I don't get to 5p and stand in my kitchen scratching my head or some other body part and wonder what the heck I am going to cook.

So last night was pizza and let me tell you, since I have mastered pizza dough from scratch life is sweet around here. Yes in deedee.

I am always amazed that this
Plus the addition of these
Becomes this
And then, after the judicious application of a pizza stone and very hot oven you get this.
Oh be still my beating heart. Of course, the green flecks that you see are oregano from the garden. HHBL and I prefer basil on our pizza and that is what I was planning to do. I went out to the garden to get some and was greeted by this
What is this you ask? This was my very healthy basil plant before the rats with hooves deer decided to help themselves. I might have mentioned here how I feel about our four footed friends. I like deer. I like them as venison steaks, summer sausage, jerky, "Bambi sticks", stew..... you get the picture.

Hey, you know, venison sausage on pizza might not be too bad.......


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