Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Very Own Baseball Hunk

Ha! Who needs Derek Jeter when they have their own baseball hunk in residence. Yes, I have my own personal baseball hunk living at my house. Try not to be hating.
Here he is, my power hitter. You just have to love a guy in a sweaty baseball uniform. He plays baseball most weekends and I occasionally get to go to a game. The last time I spent most of the game playing papaprazzi with my telephoto lens. Oh I love my telephoto lens, you can get so close to things.
You see, I needed my telephoto lens because I was WAAAAAAAAY out in the field. Well, that isn't really true. I was not too far back from the backstop, but it just sounded better. I really didn't spend much time in the chair anyways. I was roaming around trying to get the best views.
Man, I love to see HHBL get up and clobber the ball. Just makes my day.
Of course when you are playing baseball you have to slide into bases. The object is to get as dirty as possible.The more ground in dirt and grass the more fun the game was. This is Tommy not HHBL. Last year this is how HHBL broke his ankle, sliding into 2nd base. I hope never to have to relive that little experience. Of course, he got up and "walked it off" and then hit again because, it couldn't POSSIBLY be broken or anything. You know, my little nursing degree doesn't mean a thing. What...hmmmm....yes, baseball where were we.
He's OUT! Awesome play Bobby!
Another run scores and then it is time for all that manly bonding stuff. Slapping hands and other portions of the anatomy. This is a family blog so I can't show those pictures.
Dejection. I loved this picture in sepia tones. Someone, who shall remain nameless (but was not HHBL) threw down his helmet in disgust when the ump robbed him, ROBBED HIM I say, of that hit.I liked this picture too. I liked it so much that I had it printed in a bigger size and framed it and now it sits on my mantle.
And then, just at about the 7th inning, I got bored. I usually keep the boredom at bay by scoring the games but not this time. And when I get bored then I start to take those "unusual" pictures that I love so much. I was standing there by the dugout and I just started looking at feet. So, be warned, you are now going to see what the rest of my pictures were about. The above is HHBL taking some practice swings before being up to bat.
These are Billy's very skinny legs, but boy howdy can he run!
And so, as Bobby and HHBL think about how much fun it is for grown men to play baseball on beautiful summer days, we say good bye to my own personal baseball hunk and his friends, his homies, his baseball buds.

Man do I love baseball.


  1. Jesus, Husband, Family, Baseball, Texas. Those are the top 5 priorities in my life. That one photo is beautiful!!! One day in the future if I have a son, I will be looking you up to have you send me a print for his room!


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