Monday, July 27, 2009

She's Into the Pictures Again

Because it is Monday and that is usually my busiest day around here and because I am cooking something new for dinner and because there is laundry to be done and we are so not talking about the weed issue in the back garden......I decided to play with some pictures. Really, these are just old pictures that I have in the computer and ones that do not show me in a particularly good light. I live for self humiliation.

I was such a cute little thing.... I am not sure what happened.

Already behind bars. Did they know something I didn't

Caught in the act. My mother tells me that one of my favorite things to do was to empty the cupboards of the pots and pans.

Channeling my inner Bo Peep with that particular hat I am thinking. Dang, where did I put my sheep?

I am on the left. I am talking. I know that is a surprise. Next to me is my oldest friend, Brenda. We have known each other for........... a lot of years. Ha, you thought I was actually going to tell you how many years (46). She is a big time doctor with 6 daughters. I am not.

I am the one in the lower right corner. You know, the one in the strange feather hat. It was pink by the way and I loved it. So did the cat. End of story.

My brother, Pilot Man, performing an early form of mind control. "You will let me have your sailor hat, you will let me have your sailor hat, you will......"

Look! It's Robin Hood and Maid Marion. I have absolutely NO idea why Pilot Man is dressed this way. And I am not sure that I really want to know. The one thing I DO know is that isn't his hair, thank the good Lord.

And the final question would be, why did my mother let me out of the house in that outfit? The shirt alone is mind blowing but the pink skirt - which as I recall was a lovely polyester - is just more than the mind can handle. I am afraid to think what the shoes were that I had on.

Well, I guess I should actually go and do something constructive like clean something.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, who am I kidding. I am going to go play with my camera. Did you really believe that thing about cleaning something. Man!

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