Friday, July 3, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 28)

Oh, it is Friday again! Woo Hoo!!! Remember to click on the above picture to go over to Conversion Diary and then take endless hours reading, and enjoying all the things that we have been doing.

Text exchange this week between myself and Progeny #1

Cartoonist: I made food today:D with a frying pan and everything
Me: My heart may not be able to take the shock!
Cartoonist: And it didn't stink!!! I am moving up in the world!!!
Sometimes you just have to love what kids say, even when they are 22 years old and living in New York City.

OK, I am amazed when I go to a blog, a regular old blog by a regular woman and that blog will get 1000+ hits on a post. How the heck do they do that??? I struggle with this. I mean, I know that a few people read the old blog and that is nice and I REALLY appreciate it. But I wonder sometimes, OK more than sometimes, if I don't want to put in more energy to find more readers. It is part of my Walter Mitty dreams for my life I would guess. You know that part of you that wants to be the center of attention, the blog that people say about, "Oh I NEVER miss her posts!" It is a struggle because I am loving this blogging thing a lot more than I thought that I would and sometimes I am just bursting to tell you all that is going on but I am so busy. Not sure what to do on this at the moment.

A reminder to myself. When reading a book and pouring the first cup of coffee in the morning perhaps I should be a tad more attentive to what I am doing. I was engrossed in the autobio of Sir Edmund Hillary, they are just about to get to the top of Mt. Everest. It was 5:30a and even though I wake up fully functioning there are still parts of the brain where the hamsters are just waking up and getting going. I go to pour my coffee but don't realize that I have the cup turned upside down until after I start to pour. One would think I was a blonde or something. I am not so therefore have no excuse.

This little chipmunk spent 20 minutes going from seed to seed to seed, stuffing his cheeks and generally being a pig. Then he realized that I was taking his picture, blew me a chipmunk raspberry and ran away. Coward. I always thought that the squirrels were the biggest marauders of the feeders but this fellow comes in a close second. I have seen him climb up the pole, squeeze through the impossibly small hole at the top where the "squirrel baffle" is and then camp himself in the feeder and just gorge away. The dog is eternally convinced that he can catch one of these things but it hasn't happened yet.

Is this not the most soulful looking dog? The picture is slightly out of focus because I was laughing so hard. Maxwell so wanted to go with me in the car. He put all of his "doggie Jedi mind tricks" to work but to no avail. He had to stay home and I went to the museum. Actually it might have been great fun to let him run amok in the museum. That guard lady who so rudely told me that I couldn't take pictures in the 20th century exhibit would have pooped a brick. Oh, I said poop. Sorry. But she would have I am telling you and it would have been great payback for her less than nice comment to me. I am bad....I know.

You know, sometimes this blogging stuff makes me crazy. I should not try to change elements of the blog when I get home from work. I am tired, I am cranky (I know THAT is a surprise to most) and my brain does not function. I can't seem to get the picture in the header to stretch. I know I am missing something simple but I am just too dang tired so it is going to stay like that until the morning when 5:30a rolls around and my brain is working better. It is very frustrating when your brain knows what it wants something to look like but the internet won't cooperate. Nuts!

Oh, can I tell you the absolute zing that I got today when, as I was perusing one of the blogs that I read, there in the "Blogs I Read" section was........a link to MY BLOG. I looked, I looked again. No way! Oh, it is the little pleasures in life that make things interesting. Like the glass of wine I have now consumed, or a liverwurst and sweet pickle sandwich (stop that gagging), or the owls hooting away at night (OK, I just tried to spell hooting as "whooting" and then "hotting". No more wine for me.) Fiber Cafe you made my day.


  1. Oh wow.
    Do I ever identify with # 2.
    OOPS - there's that old "pride" thing rearing its ugly head again...

    Another great blog you may enjoy checking is I'm famous for going at warp speed. She slows me down and helps me to enter into a more meditative and contempletive stance.

    And please stop by my blog as well sometimes.

    God bless you,

    NC Sue

  2. I tried to make teriyaki chicken yesterday. It turned out all right, but I ended up splattering hot oil all over myself and all over the kitchen. Somewhere in the process of doing that, I accidentally threw away the drain cover for the sink.

    So, maybe my rejoicing regarding my culinary success was a bit premature...

  3. Too funny! Our dog thinks he should go everywhere we go too. And actually just about talks me into trying it! OK, so maybe it isn't a talking thing, must be a mind telepathy thing.

  4. Maximus. What a sweet face. How could you not take him to the musuem with you Deb? Don't you have an over sized fannie-pack he could slip into? Side note, it's just a matter of time before your blog has a mass following. It's too darn interesting.

  5. Oh Mander, why can't you come and live with us again so that you can be here all the time to compliment me? Oh, you didn't compliment me all that time when you lived here before? Well, there is always time to start something new.


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