Monday, July 6, 2009

School Pictures Only a Parent Could Love

So, I was scanning some pictures recently and, always being up for humiliation, I thought I would share what my school pictures were like. It is best to do this all at once, sort of like ripping off a bandage or a scab. It will be painful and there might be some blood involved but it will get better with time.....I hope. Really, these are pictures only a mother and father could love.

So, these are my First and Second grade pictures. Fairly harmless I would say except for the unfortunate hair. But what girl at this age doesn't have unfortunate hair at some point.

Well, what can we say about Third grade and Fourth grade. Hair OK in Third grade but I am wearing a shirt that can only be described as channeling my inner clown. And then there is Fourth grade. All I can say is, "Egads Mom, why did you let me out of the house with my hair done like that!"

Oh these jut keep getting better and better. The Fifth grade picture looks like I am planning something evil, like not cleaning my room or talking back to my mom. I was a model child growing up. I was!!! Mom, stop that laughing and snorting, stop it right now!

And then there is Seventh grade. Can you say, "I am so awkward and hate my life and my hair." It is all about the hair don't you know.

I couldn't find any of my high school pictures and you should be glad about that because they are all 1970's hair and make up. Very frightening and I want you to continue to read the blog,


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Those are great. I saved them to my computer for future viewings. Just so long as you are not posting MY school pictures, I will be happy. You look exactly like Beth in those early pictures.

    P.S. Here is the podcast that I did yesterday. I do bash Twilight, just so you know :D Love you, Mom!!

  2. You bash Twilight!!!! You can be assured that we will be seeing your school pictures on the blog sometime soon.

  3. But did you ever show up for picture day and someone else had on the same navy vest over a white tip? Only, it was a GUY! And your mom always had your hair cut short, and in those days the guys wore their hair long, so you couldn't even tell your pictures apart. Yeah, I didn't think so. No lie, 4th grade.

  4. @ChrisKnit- THAT is funny!!

    @ Ashley- I have now listened to the podcast and girl, I am going to be putting up LOADS of pictures of you in the coming weeks for your comments about Twilight and me!

  5. I'm a parent . . . and I like those pictures.

  6. @ Debbie: Do it, see what happens. I know where you live.

    Love you, but not Twilight.


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