Friday, July 10, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 29)

Man! The days just fly by. Here is it Friday again. Remember to check out all the other "Quick Takers" over at Jennifer's blog. Click the picture above to be whisked over there. And now, what you have been waiting for........

This will be the one and only time that I say anything about Michael Jackson. At least I hope so. I didn't watch the memorial service and I have purposely stayed away from all of the overdone media coverage. I will continue to do this. I do admit that on the day that he died and perhaps the day after that I watched one or two of the bazillion shows/retrospectives/expose that were available. But that is all.

I have enjoyed Michael Jackson's music for many years. Who of us who came to adulthood (yes I am an adult at times or at least I play one when need be) in the 1970's and 80's didn't love his music, didn't wait eagerly for the "Thriller" video, didn't try to learn how to moonwalk. But I just have to say this, he was a man to be pitied. Michael Jackson was someone for whom fame came early but who was damaged by that fame. Someone who was surrounded by "Yes Men" (thanks Ashley for the right phrase) later in life who dared not say no for fear of being removed from the inner circle. He was talented beyond belief but seemed unable to cope with the things of adulthood that were outside the childhood and creative sphere. We should pray for his children who will be the recipients of his wealth, burdened with his fame and surrounded by those who do not have their best interests at heart. What a horrible legacy to leave the people he seemed to love the most.

Conversation with Self
Me: Self?
Self: Yeeeeeeeeees?
Me: Self, do you remember that we had that little surgery in March. You know the one where we had all our "womanly parts" removed because Mr. Uterus had declared eternal and evil war upon us and it was either him or us.
Self: Yeeeeeeeees!
Me: And to you remember that because of said surgery we need to take that small white pill every morning. You know, the one that comes from the bottle marked "Estrogen"?
Self: Yeeeeeeeeees!
Me: Well............TAKE THE DADGUM PILL!!! So that, come 1am we do not wake up and wonder who turned on our internal blowtorch with sweat upgrade.
Self: Okay
Me: Thank you.


What pray tell is wrong with this breakfast? Leftover homemade pizza and watermelon seemed entirely correct to me. HHBL seemed to think that this was not an appropriate thing to have on a sunny Monday morning. Just because he was having his Eggbeater omelet (made with his own two hands I might add) with ketchup on it (gag, gag). My breakfast has dairy and bread and protein and veggie and fruit. And to top it all off, it was delicious.

And while we are on the subject of food, as it seems that we are.
I know that it is finally summer when we have the ultimate summer sandwich....Bacon Lettuce and Tomato. Oh I love bacon. I would eat bacon every day if I could. My fingers would swell up from all the salt and I would most likely die years early because of the unknown preservatives that I would be ingesting but Oh, I would die happy.

And then there were more food pictures to discuss
Some days are such that you just have to est the ice cream right out of the carton. For some reason it just makes things better. This isn't a particularly wonderful picture but I was more intent on eating the ice cream than in snapping a masterpiece. I am surprised that I could stop long enough to even get the camera out. And it would have been VERY BAD if anyone had suggested that it wasn't all that sanitary to eat out of the carton and that I should stop.


I am having a hard time getting my head around the fact that in just 6 short weeks HHBL and I will be dropping our youngest child off at college.
How can it be that this child
Has grown up to be this woman
in what seems like a matter of weeks. That is the Nice Greek Boy with her at the prom this year. Now I have to admit that HHBL and I are looking forward to being "Empty Nesters". We started having progeny fairly quickly after getting married so we had very little time just together. But still, it will be different to really have no children at home. Sigh.

And speaking of HHBL, I have to say that he is the greatest boss in the world. I had sort of a hard start to the morning yesterday, two nights of very little sleep, stuff going on at home and work. I wasn't coping well. I left for the office, got half way there and then realized - on the highway at 65mph- that I didn't have my cell phone with me. I am dead in the water without that little thing. So, I ripped across three lanes of traffic (apologies to that little sports car that I rudely cut off), exited onto another highway, circled back around to the highway that I wanted and drove all the way back home to get the previously mentioned cell phone, crying all the way. I told you it was a bad morning. Called HHBL and explained why I was going to be really late getting in (did I mention that the drive to the office is about 30 minutes from our house). He paused and said, "Well, everything that you need to do can be done remotely right? So, why don't you just work from home today." Oh man, were more wonderful words ever spoken? So, I sat down in my home office, cranked out work, did laundry at the same time (I am a multi-tasking fiend) and had a much better day. Thanks HHBL you are excellent.

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  1. Thinking about Benny going to college makes me feel really, really old. :(


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