Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stream of Consciousness (V0l Who The Heck Knows)

Here it is, almost 7p on a Thursday night and I have written no blog post for the day.

And I haven’t really even thought about it all that much which shows you where my head is at. I had a photo shoot this morning. I ran errands. I came home and fell asleep while reading Bonhoeffer. That is absolutely NOT a knock against the book, it is really fabulous so far. AND I was able to go and hear the author, Eric Metaxas, speak last night. He had them rolling in the aisles.

Who knew.

But as usual I am dealing with my “post trip” ennui.

I love that word.


It just seems to evoke the absolute post trip lack of any ability to get anything doneness that I always feel after being away from home. It doesn’t matter if it is a two week trip to Africa or a four day trip to Florida. When I come home I just want to lay on a fainting couch in a flowing gown like a Victorian woman suffering from…..


Did I ever tell you that I used to have a fainting couch in my bedroom when I was growing up. I didn’t ever faint, and I have the vague recollection that the thing was covered with some sort of velvet. But it was great for reading on. And I did A LOT of reading. Mimi, what ever happened to that piece of furniture?

OK, I did manage to get the pictures from the weekend all uploaded and edited so I guess that is something. I was going to tell you about the weekend today but obviously that isn’t happening and right about now all of you are heaving a gigantic sigh of relief. I know, I know, showing your vacation weekend pictures is like going to someone’s house for dinner and ending up looking at two hours worth of slides from their trip to Toledo.

Did I ever tell you that we actually DID take a vacation to Toledo when the progeny were little. We are such incredible parents. Oh the opportunities that we afforded to our children. And we took our nephew with us too. He had nice matching outfits and white knee socks….I took one look at those outfits and just KNEW that I was going to let him go and play in the dirt…


That is what Tide and bleach and the soak cycle on the washing machine are for.

Just undermining the world one child at a time.

Well, you know, I did manage to get the laundry done yesterday. And I cast on the mate to a sock. And I managed to watch the documentary The Queen of Versailles yesterday as well as Dive! 

I guess I don’t have as much ennui as I thought.

I just wanted to say the word.


Leaving now.

Aren’t you glad that tomorrow is 7 Quick Takes and hopefully I will be more normal.

If I can ever really be called normal.

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  1. You are normal for you, and I like your normality ;) have a great Friday!! -Tammy


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