Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 53 - Bokeh!!!


Canon 450D; Tamron 18-270 @ 270mm; ISO 100; f6.3; 1/50 sec

I didn't really intend to take such a Bokeh filled picture, it just sort if evolved. I was consuming my fresh squeezed OJ (don't be hatin') and I saw the sun shining on the pool fence.

Not my pool fence. Remember where I normally reside.

I thought to myself,

Self, go get Old Faithful and see what you can see.

So I did. The first couple of pictures had a bit of Bokeh around the edges cuz that is what I was telling the camera to do, but when I reviewed the pictures what really struck me was not the droplets of water on the fence but the extremely cool Bokeh effect. I re-adjusted my thinking cap, turned OFF the auto focus and shot Bokeh.

I am pleased. What I especially pleased with is the roundness of the Bokeh drops (or whatever their official photography name is). Nice and round rather that octagonal.

Good lens.



  1. Nice bokeh!! I'm definitely a fan :) -Tammy

  2. oh the things I am learning about photography. great pic.


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