Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 32–January Collage

January collage

So here I am, one month into this crazy idea. I thought it might be good to take a day, once a month, to sort of think about the project and look at all the pictures from the previous month(or as many of them as I could get into one collage) and see if I am happy with the work that I am doing.

For most of this first month I have been using just my Tamron 18-270mm lens. There was a specific reason for that, it was new to me. And I have found that the best way to feel totally comfortable with a lens and what it can do is to use it on a exclusive basis for a period of time. When I purchased my Canon 85mm that was the only lens I used, day to day, for around three months. It was my first prime lens and it took some adjustment on my part. The same went when I purchased my Canon 50mm 1.8. That actually is my favorite lens in the general sense and is the one that is currently attached to Old Faithful.

With this project I am trying very hard to be very intentional with the photos I take. I think for a while about what I am wanting to photograph, what I think the photo should look like and how I can achieve that. Some of the photos have come about because I am trying to learn new techniques and to stretch myself.

For the most part I have been happy with the results.

And I want to ask you a question.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with photos? Currently my blogging schedule is to have a regular post 4-5 days a week and then the 365 project. I had thought to just start another blog to hold this particular project but discarded that idea. I ask this because my comment count is down…..way down. That may just be because it is winter. Or it may be that you all are running screaming from the room when you see that I have hit the “post” button again. I will still keep on with the 365 project but I am just wondering.

Today’s entry really isn’t “one” picture per se. But I am working on my collage skills and so this is what you will get on the first day of the new month, a collage featuring last months work.



  1. I enjoy reading your blog, however I rarely comment on anything but I like the photos as well

  2. I love the photos. But there is less to talk about with a photo, so maybe that's why comments are down.

  3. I agree with Barb. I read this blog yesterday and have been thinking about it. I really love your photos because that's my hobby too. But more people probably can relate to your stories, and therefore comment. Granted, it may depend on the subject matter. I, for example, will probably never respond to anything knitting-related because that's a world I never even knew existed. But gardens, food, books, everyday humor ... now those are things you'll probably hear back from me about! Obviously, everyone relates to different things, so you just go right ahead and keep blogging on what's dear to your heart because you have plenty of friends in each of those circles!


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