Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Must Delete

I am in the process of slowly going through years and years of excess photo storage.

Remember, I suffer from BIMNISDS. And BIMNISDS can even extend as far as the overstorage of photos. Sad but true.

Just as a reminder…..

B- But
I – I
M – Might
N – Need
I – It
S – Some
D – D
S – Syndrome

I suffer. Oh I suffer.

And because I want you to suffer too like to share these things will you I thought I might show you just a few of the photos that are about to get the old eternal digital heave ho!


A pigeon in a graveyard. Hardly an inspiring photo. Goodbye.


Can someone please remind me where I was going when I took this? I THINK I was the passenger and wasn’t driving at the time…..I hope.


Why did I take a picture of the large pile of mulch that someone kindly dumped in the driveway last year. Was there some sort of statement that I was looking to make?


Um, WOW. Poorly conceived AND poorly shot. Just what I need to see.


I had, oh I don’t know, like maybe 20 shots of this particular dead spider that I found on the basement carpeting. One photo would have been PLENTY. And please ignore the left over cat hair in the picture. Please.


Well I love strawberries that is for sure. But a picture of slightly out of focus strawberries can be discarded. No, it isn’t that there is a boat load of bokeh going on, it is just plain out of focus.


Hmmmmm, this looks like something that you might find a Angkor Wat, you know where the trees grow up and out and around the building blocks.

I think I will title this…..Akron Wat.

Or not.


HHBL attempting to pass out literature to a squirrel at the Cleveland Natural History Museum.

The squirrel was unimpressed.


This is the view from the dining table in HHBL’s sister’s condo in NYC. I was too lazy to get up and get Old Faithful and decided to use the iPhone.


And I am sorry to say that I took around 5 different shots of the Chrysler building all from the same angle and all equally boring. I just decided to spare you looking at all of them.

You can thank me later.

I think that is all for now. Obviously I had absolutely nothing better to write about today. But do not fear my faithful blog friends. There are many more pictures to come.

I apologize.


  1. I seem to suffer the same disease when it comes to yarn. And boxes. And clothes that don't fit one way or the other (I've been every size from 8-18 in my adult life). I too go through picture cleaning phases though. I am slightly sad that I'd dumped some kitty pics, but life continues and she'll always be with me in spirit.

  2. Oh, I don't suffer from that syndrome. When I get ready to clear out - look out. I toss too much and end up sorry later. Still, I don't keep much around that way, anyway.

  3. I very rarely comment, but these photos triggered something. And since I don't seem to have anything better to do right now, here goes.

    Warning: I also suffer very much from BIMNISDS and that may colour my reactions.

    Pigeon in graveyard--I hardly noticed the pigeon. What struck me was the contrast between the square of green with very old gravestones, one with a flag, in the midst of the most bland, basic, boring modern urban commercial landscape imaginable. That said something to me.

    Where was I going?--It is a very nice sky and horizon at sunset. The foreground--meh.

    The Mulch--well, it is a record for posterity or something.

    Sink with dishes--I agree completely with your assessment here.

    Spider--interesting study in color and texture. Fortunately I don't suffer from arachnophobia. Leftover cat hair? I looked closely and think I saw ONE. And if you had said it was dog hair, I'd have believed you. I wish my carpets were as free of cat hair (or maybe not, because I'm very fond of my cat.)

    Strawberries--no, this photo didn't start me salivating, so . . . fail.

    Akron Wat--If you cropped out the bleachers and very green plastic mesh thingy, the picture would be much improved.

    Squirrel--you have much better squirrel photos!

    NYC--The architecture and lighting are eye-catching. I wonder what a better camera would have captured.

    So I would delete three, maybe four of these . . .

    But please, don't let my verbosity today put you off of posting more photos!


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