Monday, February 11, 2013


Day 42 - EEEEEEEK!_edited-1

Taken with the iPhone

Minding my own business today. Putting away the groceries and trying to ignore the state of the kitchen here at Chez Knit. I look down at my hand and wonder to myself,

How did I get a piece of fuzz stuck to my thumb.

And then the fuzz moved in a very deliberate and un-fuzz like way.

HOLY SHIT SPITBALLS! It’s ALIVE!!!! Run for the hills!!!!

Sorry, I used a bad word. But I used the “strike out” so it doesn’t really count.

And aren’t you amazed that I had the wherewithal to look around for my iPhone so that I could take a picture of the Stink Bug attacking me, all as I was moaning softly is abject terror and carefully walking towards the sliding door hoping that the horrible thing didn’t know how to fly.

I barely survive.

But I got a picture of it.

P.S. Yes, I know that we are missing Day 41. I just realized that I didn’t upload the picture from yesterday. I will get to it….eventually.


  1. I've been finding those dam things everywhere this winter. It's a new plague. They're all over my office. I can't believe you stood there and took a picture of it!!

  2. We've got them all over at our house, too, it must be a national epidemic. HATE them, they really give me the creeps.


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