Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 38–Little Dangly Things

Day 38 - Dangly Things_Old Fashioned

Canon 450D; Canon 18-55mm @ 55mm; ISO 100; f5.6; 1/13

When HHBL and I travel I try not to bring back anything other than photographs…and yarn. We are trying to de-junk Chez Knit and I don’t need any more stuff. That doesn’t apply to yarn because there is always room for more stash. One thing I do bring back often times is a bracelet. I wear bracelets all the time. Their dangly jangliness makes me happy and all Auntie Mame like. I was preparing for the day and looked over at the bracelet tree and just had to photograph it.

I broke out the old stock lens today, the one that came with the camera body four years ago. People used to complain about the “cheap” feel to the kit lens that came with the camera….and they were right. This is not a heavy glass lens by any means. It certainly doesn’t give the crisp, clean photos that my 85mm or my 50mm does. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot produce perfectly awesome pictures with the lens. For quite a while (like the first two years I owned the camera) this was the only lens that I had.

Now I did do some “fiddling” with the photo obviously. A conversion to Black and White and the addition of some light texturing.

I kind of like it.


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