Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don’t Make Me Dope Slap You

It is snowing at the moment, no surprise there as this is the Frozen Northeast Ohio. And the weather the last three or four days has been….


Just a tad schizophrenic.

Saturday the sun was out for at least part of the day. And the temperature wasn’t all that bad. By Sunday morning we had 8 inches of fluffy Lake Effect snow and the temp was hovering in the 20’s. The sun came and went as it is want to do when we are having an “event”.
Monday morning I woke up to find the temp a BLISTERING 5F. Ummmm, did I miss the memo on frigid temperatures? There was some sun and by late in the day it was in the mid 40s and the snow was melting fast. This morning it was still 42F when I went walking but by late in the afternoon the temp had fallen to the high 20s and the snow was flying around but not really sticking all that much.

And I am restless and mad.

Restless because I am doing something on Friday that I haven’t done all that often.

I am flying stand-by. I will tell you all about it next week but lets just say that the thought of not having a reservation, a firm reservation, is unnerving IN THE EXTREME. You know me, I like order and everything in it’s place and stand-by is so not that although I have been assured by those in the know that all will go fine and I will get where I need to go….and back again…without difficulty. Nervous McNerveson is my name.

Is it Wine O’Clock yet?

And I am mad because I have really pretty much had it with people coming to my house for a showing, telling their Real Estate agent that they “love” the floor plan but that they would like to see the walls painted a different color and a different counter top treatment.

Buy my house and you can paint the darn walls whatever color you want. You can put purple granite on all the countertops if you so choose. You can dig up the landscaping and decorate with large gnomes. I don’t give a rats rip.

Is there purple granite? Perish the thought.

Seriously prospective buyers. You have already seen the pictures of the house on the internet or through your agent. AND you have seen the counter tops and the landscaping. This isn’t a model home. We live here. The house is twelve years old AND I HAD THE WALLS PAINTED TWO YEARS AGO. It is decorated in the fashion that WE LIKE.

Buy it and change whatever you like but don’t make me clean my house for you to walk around and see it and then tell me that you don’t like the color of the walls.

That just makes me want to dope slap you.

Now I feel better as I knew I would if I just talked it over with you.


  1. You're bringing back bad memories for me! When we tried to sell our house several years ago, our realtor told us that people loved the house but couldn't live without a bathroom upstairs near the bedrooms!

    Know what we did? PUT IN A BATHROOM.
    Know what else? THE HOUSE DIDN'T SELL ANYWAY!

    Totally understand your frustration. (I will admit, though, that my house was never cleaner than during that six-month period when we had to be ever-ready for it to be shown!)

    Safe and happy travels to you!

  2. Ummm, so you know we discussed that I am half looking at condos these days. Paint and other purely cosmetic items (like countertop) are pretty dang low on the list of "must-haves" since part of the fun of owning a home is making it your own. And paint is all of what, $20-$30 a gallon? Big whoop in the scheme of home improvements. If they really can't afford a quick coat of some ugly olive green or other trendy color, then they should be looking at homes more appropriately priced for them. Shame on the realtor. Or the lender.


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