Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 51–Hoya Doin’

Day 51 - Hoya Doin'

Canon 450D; Tamron 18-270 @ 270mm; f6.3; ISO 1600; 1/25 sec; VC on

It is the little things in life which ultimately make us happy. Case in point, my Hoya. This particular plant came from a cutting that I took from one of my mother’s Hoya plants 29 many years ago. Her Hoya cutting came from her mother, my Grandma Pringle. It rooted quickly, it was happy. But it didn’t bloom for a LONG time. When I say a long time I mean 10 years. But once it was all snug and root bound in it’s pot then the blooming just didn’t seem to stop.

You can tell when a Hoya is blooming by the rather unpleasant smell that the blossoms put out at night, but only at night for some reason.

But I digress.

So this Hoya moved with me from Illinois, the Land of Corruption to Ohio, the Frozen. It moved with me from our first apartment to our first house…and then our second house…and then to Chez Knit. All happy, happy, joy, joy.

But then one day I noticed that Mr. Hoya wasn’t all that happy. In fact it was, shall we say, dying. So I quick got my scissors and snipped off as many of the happy and growing ends that I could, making sure to include at least on peduncle (the stem supporting the flowers),rooted them….

And instead of making me wait another 10 years for the first blooming, Mr. Hoya 2 decided to start blooming after only one year.

This is his latest bloom set on one of the peduncles. I noticed it as I was standing and gazing out at the woods hoping to see a bear.

No bear, just peduncle bearing flowers.


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