Thursday, February 7, 2013

All I Wanted Was A Smoothie

The sun is out. The temperature is a blistering 31F and I just needed a smoothie for lunch. It sounded just perfect. Whole milk, homemade yogurt, frozen fruit that I had packed away myself.

Yummy McYumerson!

So I gathered all of my supplies, anticipation building.

In goes the milk.

In go all the scrumpdidlyicous pieces of frozen fruit.

In goes the yogur……..

Well SHOOT, the yogurt container is almost empty. But that isn’t a problem because I know that there are two more mason jars of yogurt in the garage refrigerator. I made them myself thankyouverymuch.

So I toodle out to the garage and open up the door to the refrigerator and yes, there are two more jars of yogurt on the top shelf. Sweetness.

I reach in……

I grab the first jar……

I lift up on the jar and begin to bring it out of the refrigerator……

Perhaps I should back up and say that the shelves of the garage refrigerator are all equipped with a shallow lip. It serves the purpose of making sure that things that are placed on the shelves don’t roll off of said shelves when you open the door. The lip is good….most of the time.

If I had lifted the mason jar FULL of yogurt up perhaps another quarter of an inch then the story would be different. We all have those incidents that happen in slow motion and up until the very last moment we are still sure that we can pull it out and save the day.

Yeah, those moments.

I lift the yogurt up and forward….and the jar catches the edge of the lip….my hand continues it’s pull back towards me….and the jar does not.

The jar leaves my hand…..


I grab for the jar and miss…..

It hits the door and does not break….


It bounces off the door and takes a downward trajectory…..

I grab again and miss…..


It hits the bottom of the refrigerator and does not break.


I grab again and miss.


Jar of Yogurt meet Garage Floor.


Garage Floor Meet Jar of Yogurt

How ‘Ya Doin’

2013-02-07 12.48.42


Sorry, I said a bad word.

And it was one of my favorite old mason jars too.


Alpha did I just hear something yummy and slurpy hit the floor?


  1. Thats so sad! I mean, you made the stuff yourself!

  2. The Horror! It is like a crime scene photo. I hate it when that happens, you think you are home free and crash...beautiful, creamy homemade yogurt everywhere. I always seem to drop the messiest thing in the frig...and usually something that will stain if I don't get it cleaned up immediately. :)


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