Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 39–For Strong Teeth and Bones

Day 39 - For Strong Teeth and Bones_sm

Canon 450D; Canon 50mm f1.8; ISO 200; f1.8; 1/100 sec.

I added a touch of grain to the photo. No particular reason, just felt like doing it.

We were perilously close to running out of milk yesterday. So in the course of running a whole bunch of errands I stopped by the local grocery store to pick up a gallon. And there I found that I could still buy milk from a regional dairy and in a glass bottle too!!

I was snapped right back into childhood when I remember getting milk delivered in glass bottles. They put them in the metal box that sat on the back stoop. That makes me sound like I am as old as Grandma Moses and we all know that I am not.

It cost more (of course) but I couldn’t resist. And yes, in case you are wondering… is Whole Milk.



My mother, who I am sure is reading this, is curbing the urge to tell me that Skim Milk is better for me and gives me more Calcium.

My father is hoping that I will save him a big glass of this lovely stuff.

And let me tell you….it is delicious. When I opened it up yesterday it even had that little dollop of cream on the top that I remember from way back when…Where did I put my cane?

And I just knew that it was my picture of the day.

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  1. In point of fact, I would even settle for 1% milk but alas, that will not happen.


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