Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 200!!!)


Well here we are, February! Where has the year gone already? Stop the calendar I want to get off! After you have finished coating yourself with a protective layer of my blather you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the rapidly cycling weather (60F and sunny on Tuesday, 14F and snowing on Friday), over to Conversion Diary.

Woke up this morning to buckets of snow coming down. And evidently our town has a snow day. I really did love it when the progeny had a snow day. There is something so warm and snuggly about going up stairs and telling them that they could sleep as long as they wanted and then going back downstairs to enjoy a lazy start to the morning.

Of course now a days I could choose to have a lazy start almost every morning…..

Or not. Curse this adulthood need to get up at the crack of dawn to start the day. HHBL and I are exact opposites. He would lay in bed in the morning, dozing. I cannot STAND to do that. I would rather go to bed at 9p and read or watch something on the ipad and knit for an hour or two.

And true to form here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio, the sky is blue, there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun is rising. But just wait a bit, the next lake effect snow band will be arriving shortly I am sure.

Thanks to my Knit Sib/Photographer buddy Jess I now know that I can use Dropbox to put my iphone photos directly onto my computer without having to plug the phone in and do a drag and drop.

Life is so much easier.

And that just makes it so much less complicated for me to share them with you!

HEY!!! Why are you running away?

2013-01-20 15.46.53

Alpha they look scared. Maybe they need a cookie.

HHBL and I awoke on Wednesday to the knowledge that there was no power flowing here at Chez Knit.


You never really pay attention to all the low level sounds that a house makes….until it isn’t making them and there is that revelation that the juice that makes the house hum just isn’t running freely to your appliances.

It was VERY windy during the night which always makes me nervous for this very reason. Without power we are dead in the water. No power literally means no water, because we have a well which requires a pump which runs on electricity. No power used to mean no phones which is too complicated to explain here. Thank goodness for cell phones. No power means no using the toilet because we have a nyadic septic system. That means that when there is no power the bubbler pump doesn’t work and you cannot add anything to the system.

That is when I get to experience the joys of an “open air privy” and hope that none of the neighbors can see me hunkering down in the back yard with my pants around my ankles, my positively prodigious posterior hanging in the air and hoping for no wind….for obvious reasons.


Also, this is what happened some time during the night.
2013-01-30 09.11.00

Oh dear. I had a feeling this might happen as the posts were a bit wobbly. It only took down one side, leaving the other side intact. But one good kick with my foot brought that down. I am not going to bother to put anything up there as the house is on the market.

HHBL is the best husband a girl could have. Not only does he write me little notes in the morning, just to encourage me through the day. He also sits through my occasional mental meltdowns.

Like the one I had last night at the dinner table. The “I am not a good enough photographer and no one wants to hire me” kind of thing. Slow tears sliding down my face and pity pouring out of me. I SO have the pity party down. The kind of thing that makes a man cringe. But he manfully tries to help and has good ideas and is so very patient.

Like I said….THE BEST.

I have this crazy mindset that tells me, when I look at all the stuff that I canned and froze over the summer, that I must save it all in case I run out before I can make more.

Yes, I know CRAZYTOWN!

Isn’t that WHY I canned it and froze it in the first place, so that we COULD eat it all the rest of the winter. So I am really trying to use the stuff until it is all gone and THEN I will buy replacements to get us through the rest of the year til canning season comes around. That means that yesterday I indulged in a bunch of sweet pickle chips, a package of beets from the freezer (that was lunch!!) and we had Cream of Tomato soup for dinner as well as Banana muffins.

In fact, I have found myself indulging in a small dish of pickles every day. Or at least some sort of pickled product. I have a number of jars of corn relish that are deeeeeeeelicious.

We are going to LaurenLeap and The Tech Guy’s house for the annual Super Bowl Foodapalooza.

I should just stop eating now in anticipation.

I have spent the better part of the week working my way through The Up Series on Netflix. I had heard about the series many years ago but hadn’t ever bothered to try and find the videos.

And then there they were on Netflix streaming.

And I was hooked. Completely invested. What will happen to Neil? Will Tony’s wife forgive him for his infidelity? Will Charles ever reappear? Will Nick continue to live and work in Madison, WI?

Evidently there is a new movie in the series, 56 Up, which is coming out in selected places starting this month. It will be here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio next month….and I am unable to go either day that it will be at the Cleveland Museum of Art.


I will just have to be patient and wait for it to show up on DVD because there is no way that my local theater would be showing it.

If you have a chance and can watch through the series I would strongly suggest you do.

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  1. Regarding the last full paragraph of item number 3 ... I'm SO glad we live ACROSS the street!


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