Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 37–Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring to come for sitting in the woods.

Canon 450D; Canon 85mm f1.8; ISO 100; f3.5; 1/1000 sec

The 85mm lens is on Old Faithful today. I hadn’t used it for a time which is sad because it is one of my favorite of my lenses. Oh heck I love all my lenses, even my stock 18-55mm. But the 85 gives me such lovely pictures. It was my first prime lens and there was definitely a learning curve as I had to adjust to the whole move my feet rather than zoom the lens.

I love my park bench that we have stuck out in the woods right by the edge of the ravine. It is a great place to escape the heat of summer. Early morning and or early evening are wonderful times to just sit and enjoy the silence of the woods and to watch for wild life.

But I won’t be sitting there for the time being as it is a bit cold out there at the moment.

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