Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

It is Wednesday right? Holidays always mess me up!

image 2010-5-13 0026

Ummmmmmm, can we just all agree that the early teen age years are incredibly awkward.

I just have no idea what to say about those shorts that I have on…..and yes they were shorts. I remember them. And I remember that I loved them with a bright and burning passion.

They were corduroy.

Help me.


  1. Do those shorts have straps/suspenders attached or was that part of the shirt? Were they fashionable at the time or were you setting the trend? :)

    1. The "suspenders" were actually attached to the shorts. I would guess you could also call them coulottes if you wanted. And yes they were definitely in style then. Shudder.

  2. I can't keep the days straight either! Didn't Jan Brady have a pair of those suspender shorts, too? I'm sure I must have!


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