Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 30–A Gift From the East

Day 30 - A Gift From the East

Canon 450D; Canon 50mm 1.8 @ 50mm; ISO800; f5.6; 1/20 sec

I have a love affair with oriental rugs.

Love. Them.

This happens to be the newest rug in the collection, a gift from TMO and TSiL at Christmas time. Brought all the way from Pakistan in the suitcase of an acquaintance.

Serious lovage.

Thank goodness none of you saw me laying on the floor and contemplating the rug as I thought about how I wanted to photograph it. It is probably good that people generally don’t see how I work. I am often times laying on the floor….or the ground…or hanging off something.

It is just the way that I roll.


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