Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21–Chilly Birdie Toes

Day 21 - Chilly Birdie Toes

Canon 450D; Tamron 18-270@ 270mm; ISO 100; f6.3; 1/40 sec; VC off

I think that all the birdies know that the weather is scheduled to get very cold and snowy the next several days. Before the snow started to fall this little fellow was all puffed up and sitting on the deck just soaking up what little sun he could find. As long as the sun was out and shining he just sat there, occasionally chirruping to his birdie friends on the feeder.

I don’t see these kind of sparrows all that often. But in the last day or two they have been swarming over the feeders, sucking up as much of the seed as they can manage. Are they telling me something?

Oh I hope not.


  1. What kind of sparrow is that? My best guess is a Common Redpoll, but my Peterson Field Guide says they shouldn't be around here this time of year.

    1. I came up with the same thing in my Peterson. I had a cloud of them hanging on the bird feeder this afternoon.

    2. I guess they're a bit confused and/or their leader took a wrong turn on their way south.

  2. Ok, not to be obsessive or anything, but I looked up this little guy in another book and as it turns out, they are hard-core winter birds. We are actually at its southern-most range for winters. In the summers, they actually live WAY up in northern Canada and Alaska. Tough little birds!


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